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rMK fnriT -rr- M'XrtAV MAUCH I'M? rm: ror rim and miAsiui: imiiam- (loiinlv (lonrl llrcoril New York Slock Quotations Women Will Meet al Clnv Can You Manufacture Jiy Of These Defense Items Plana and peclfleation covering the niaiertnl hcluw are on fiU af ilie Kvaiiavllle office uf the t'onirai't liiHtrlliinhin liranch Wr I'pittliit'i luu Hoard 112 Fiiuith-fl 10 Koenig lliilldlng Kvusille India iih: Grain IMiirl A wai is Sales Ad ion Tui I Mil on ilit We York Btovk Ki- Wlieellne Hied NIH slllw I ll I cincurr ('livia roll i Robert Krolill dl-vnrJC i Ben Ziril Edward Bellinger FIlzalieth Ballinger divorce I A tore Henry Wxlker Wlilimii Herman et al forerlnee lien i Arthur IN'iiton Cven Wilhuuwl SUPER tOH John Heiwin Vn Metropolitan Life IiiurMiice miiipany null on pul-Mra Isiflcn retiiriieil frnmjuy iR Owen WiIIihium I i hi 1 1 Albert Palmer et al vs Waller Psl- iiiit null lor service (Armstrong thanes today sere STtwa shares Gain Trend Exhibited By Stocks Steels Motors Copper Bails Make Small Advances Cl AY Ky Miinh Swi'lal) Tlif Wiiiih'ii'h division til Chrlo-liim S'-rvIri! will meet iiiiiiumiw wlili Mrs Tjirry Krott The leader Is Mrs Knliert IJiligslon 24' 14 25 41 24' 14 4- 25 40' 24 Il'a 2'1 Jr Hllh li Cline White Motor 11 'mio Co Woulsurlii Wnaler Win A Mrichtnr id'liiiii liunrtrc Mireh 24 fcitnipiiiiiii( foundry prr4 former nh -ri tub etc (Mcrrn RrulK und Pont iiMiWD iqmiitnpiir foitndrj ikirictori dampener end cif comprec-DdCk (IMtMKiMMlltofn 24 II J3' 11' 3J' Army Pale H4 1 March 14 9 999 9 6 Miirrii 14 In Yrlluw T'k Youiismi 8I1 ft 'Julie Zenith Radio I I 4 irrr FI 11 elii air' Aarrow Mrroin Pnengilsa 114 boxes End null VV 11 Annum stocklex 24 Block) wood ereowIM pBSrlt Marrh Italian (lidtns door 14 riieei Iron saliaolsed March Machines wa-hing lauudrs March 24 Equipment laundry tumblers and ironera March H-ls proiertni March 24 Trurk motor Murch 24 Truck moior 44ii9t9iMwh 24 lUPI a iSSIiMi(4l49lt4MMNKll Weicllla streicliera March 24 lead r-d and win' dry Xlarch 31 pirmeniK bruwn irren yellow pit) 46 Mnrch Lucks sad iaiehes March 31 I' 32' 2 IDS' 13' 2' ltd II 3' (' 4 4 4' id" 3IJ Il'a IS1 IS' 12b1 43 14 2' I1 tt J' 3S' 134 1 I'a 3' DIXON XKW YORK March AsHorml hi iick iiiiiniigcd in ckc out iiKHlcHt rccoi cricH tmliiy'it lint mu ny finiHhcd pcnorally uiiHnllHfuctory week in lower triTltnry Tin) lint tlliii-(l at the ntnrt A lllilo mii iipoi-t then a rr I veil und ncniici'cil hii'cln mulur rallH cup-pern am oil cuuvcrtcd hiiiiiII hIii Into minor advance which niu-t retained to the dune The AriHueluteil PrcnH Average of So atm-ka which yenlcrday hit a newr low ainee 1M3S ended mi eliHiiKcd at 332 but on the week waa off 18 lHiiniH blggeHt decline aluce lnat Ileeciniier Ridding activity picked up moderately and transfera of 271nsn slmri-H were the InrfjcHt for a abort hchhIod alnce Jan 21 A trifle ahead In the curb were American lia Sherwin AYillhuna Rell A I reraft and Glen Alden Coal Mackward I pudencies were exhibited hy II inutile Oil Gulf Oil and Pittsburgh Plate CIh Turnover here apiiroxlinnled 'iSoiii) uliare ayainct SNihiii a week ago 32 3 121 4 S' 24 IS' so' 10 1 3' I' 21 11-14 4'j l4 34 I II 11 121 4 43 41' 2' 31 3 3' 371 24 IB" I' 3' 1 3 I 501 IT IB4 SI" I 2 11' IJ 4 29 3I' 0 el' 12 1 I'i IB3 1 14' 4' 12 Bi: Wire kH frill- sud channel mein msisrisl Hofei and kitchen iipiShs is Mxnuractiiniig of Klnrfs cotton klixkl comcrubie eollr loiil Sencratlnc MxreJ1 bftituhboard air circuit breaker JJ Motur van ferric) is Truck electric cruns fjp Marco Truck crane Marta Boll aircraft drilled hesd arillcd fieel is Tube radio is Rruip tnilet slid laundry March is llsy is Del soiled and dean dioh tables March R-U men's March 17 Hinirliiral aleel Mxrrh 7 Fadioaraplilc table March 17 Alrrraft hards are-holts nut piua waxhers etc March 17 Motor driven March 17 While cnmm-lwar clear window (lam March 11 Hmi fmiinc hay alfalta straw for beddiuc bran: meal liu-aeed eula toelolc burrs corn suit rock aoda-oah March 11 Ciuiialnere round Inulcicd Mann 17 Lumber March li Tractur farm typo March 14 Trayx March 15 Manufaclurnif of cape herrini-bont twill March 15 Slie-t metal equipment machines premea formers etc March 11 Troumra cotton summer March 14 Boxes meat March 14 Battery charghtt sultlt March 11 Toael March 14 Sheet eollon bleached bed March 11 Manufacturing of alilrts flannel D- convertible collar March 11 Boa lx plaster tin foil cellophane Xlarch 14 Coveralls blue denim larch 15 Cans ittnned plslel brsks beams sud band saw brucr March t( Water bath elec tile March 2a Structural steel plates March 20 Ditch lexer March 2" Truck tubs March 23 Boap hard March 34 Varnish wood panic tiller glue nimal wood stains Xlarch 34 Mr and Mr Clarenc MrCurd and (laiiglitar Mrs Hubert Smiley and non moved to Princeton Ky Mlsa Kdnn fman Wilson and Mr Klwnnd Cummings Evansville visited Mr and Mra Clarence Wilson 51 and Mr Jnn Hyrmn and Non Jimmie nuyd visited In Owensboro Mr Robert Tleattle Jr Lufeirin Texas visited l)r 'and Mr Dnvls Mrs Horace Smlih and Mr and Mrs Horace Smith jr Sturgis visited here Mr and Mra Harold Byrd Howling Green and Mrs Tlyrd visited Mr and Mra I Xotlicutt Mis Kiln a France Vaugbn visited Mr and Mr Slone Henderson Mr and Mra Lucy Trailer Mt Vernon Ind visited Mr and Sirs Willard Paries Mr aud Mr Paul Marshal! and huh Charles Franklin and Miss Lucille Moore Indiana polls Mrs Robert Holcomb and Mra Parker Crittenden Memphl visited Mr and Mrs Dora Dills and Mr and Mrs Tom Maralmll Mis Mary Ruth Skinner and Miss Virginia Runsall visited with Mrs Jessie Skinner and Roliert Skinner Miss Geneva daughter of Mr and Mrs Parks waa married Sunday to James Curry son of Mr and Mra Curry They were married at the home of Rev and Mrs Sizemore In Clay Mrs Crawford has relumed home after visiting in Port Gibson Miss Mra Davla visited In Dixon with Mr and Mra Olva Llndle Karl Pride St Louis visited wrirh Mr and Mr Pride and Mrs A Pride Mrs Henson and son hare gone to Detroit to Join Mr Meiison CHICAGO March 7- (Al'I-Con-tin uril narrow and irervona price fliii'i iih 1 itjtiH In the grain market today reflected trade uncanlnc dim lo war news and uiiwlllingncHS of most Interest to act prior to derision in IVRhlilngtun on the iiinva to hall government sale of wheat md corn at pricea below parity were off fraclloni at one slHgn wheat and rye liming almut rent and oats and sojlicaiia al most a rent but late abort covering erased most of the ionsea Wheat cloned unchanged to 1 cent lower compared with yesterday May ISS(1 July 11801 corn 1 to i cent higher May July ontg 1 to cent orr rye unchanged to cent down soybean unchanged to cent lower and lard unrhanged at ceil in level Tail'd I ratio waa virtually at a standstill with price hid a high a goYernnicnt-iuipoKcd ceiling would permit Cloning quotations In wheat and rye were very little different than a week ago hut corn was about a cent higher and oals a cent lower I Touse action on the Senate bill which would freexe government ever-normal granary wheat and corn except at prices equivalent to or better than partly la expected next week Inasmuch as disposal of government grain the past few mouths has been an Important market factor moat dealers now are holding up action until they have a better Idea of what the lu turn program will be I'j Arliima Kii Air neduclmu Alanka-Jiliiriiii 2 Allied Chriiiivul 127 Allied Mill 134 Allied Biure- Alll ChHlmer 2S Am Air Line 3S' Am Call Sd'a Am Car ft Prir Am CIihii ft Cable II Ain IiiiT CVip 31 Am linruuioiiva Ain MrluN 21 Am Pow ft Lt 31-11 Aill-Rari Bid 4'a Am Hollins Mill 1U4 Am Hinrlnn 3S3a Am Bieel dy Is1 Am Bnscr It'i Am Siunaira 1SJ Am TrI ft 'IW Am Tobacco 43 Arn I'nbarco 44 '-si Ain Wslrr Wk 2' Am Zinc 4 Anaconda Copper 3t'i Armour III 31 Alch ft Top 371 At Count Lines 24 All Heliums 14 Alla Corp I'a Aria Ihm Corp 3' Baldwin Loo l2Ta Bultinuire ft Ohio 3U Barber Co I BuniMtali ''A I'i Runriik 33' Brthlrhrin Steel Borins Aircraft 17' Borden Co 1 Kura Warner Hridnepori Buns lJa Hucyrns-Erlo I Build Mia Butler Bros Calif Parkin Corp 171 Caliimel-Hrcln S' Campbell ft 13 Canadian Pacing 4 Celanese ill Crrru GePauco 2' Che Ohio 3l' Chrysler Motur 1 Coes Coin 1' Ciilate Palmolivt 12 Columbia Ua 1 Com Credit II' Com Solvents 1 Coma Edison ll1 Com Boulb 1 Consolenm Cons Copper I' CoiimI Editon Con Oil I' Conll Can 3 Conti Minor Conti Oil 1 Corn Product Crucible Steel Cuban Amu Sugar Curtis Piiblihiug Curtiss Wrisht Curtis Wright Del ft Hudson Diitiller Seagram Deere ft Co Dome Mines DnPont Eastern Airline Eastman Kodak Elec Auto LI Elec Boat Elec Pow LI DIXON Ky Mnreh (Special) A niHirluge liccnKe ha been issued here by the county clerk to Janie Curry 31 Dixon and Geneva Clay Mr und Mr Job Oakley of near Dixun have received a letter from their soil Hoff Ouklcy baying that ho hu been promoted to gergeant Hi i in Company 34th Infantry Schofield Durracka Honolulu Hawaii 1 Wulter Shoulders xiudent at thg University of Louisville hua been vlalting hi parente Mr and Mi'9 Livy Shoulder Mra Car rill Myeri of IlHnoia Is visiting Mr Myer grendparenl Mr and Mrs Shelton and Mra Slyera mother Mr Mauda McGraw Dr George Camphcll Flora III Yinited his sister Mra iloornmn and Mr Moorman John id Crow student at Union University Jackson Tenn visited his parents Mr and Sira John Crow 3 I 14 31' 1H 2" 17' 13 4 2 Jl' 1 12 l' I'a IB' 14' 4' 12 5' 25 a Tot (((piled fey Avarfnrt Navy 10 a(urdiiv joj Previous day lot Mdinli sqa 54 I Year Aku 77 1M2 H'ah 5 I M2 lnr I An 2 1M1 With 311 1241 Low 17 I -H TUCK OMir 1035-40 1932-37 127-2 With 47 73 1577 La 33 (11 AVFlt ices daunt svenipcs on thr New York Stork Sxehsnae compiled by Do Jones mm Cmnpuny Industrials lYnil i i Ut till MILLEltSIHJItG 1MLLERSBURG Ind Marrh 7 Lyman Atkinson Day-ton viited Mr and Mi'B Herb Atkinson Mr und Mra Christ Roeder and daughter and Mr and Mra Clauda MrCutchan and family visited Mr and Mrs Herb Bogun Mr and Mra Brunner visited Mr and Mra Albert Fisher Chandler Mra Chsrleu Colvin and Henry 'Dilhington were In Boon-ville on buaineaa Mr Virgil Rhoadi enlieted Marine left for Louisville Ky Mr aud Mra Wlllaiin Nann vla-iled Mr aud Mrs Miller Aniirroii' and Armstrong) Birslry va letter Guy Cannon account IR Bsugiii Elmer Hushes va Katherine 1 Cravens foreclote mortgage (Bex ITunble) Pearl Russell v( Opal Russell divorce IE Baugh Edith Seal va Oil'll Beals divorce (Charles Elclirl) MIUI IT (OIKT HE! ORIX State vs Heury Walker Gould aeleeted aa special Judge Mildred Appel vs George Ap pel agreed rulry Alice Marie Van Meter va Arnold Van Meier hearing vacated LeU Epperson vx Alinnu person bench warrant iaaued for de-ciiclxiit bond 91000 Gladys White vh Lyman White decree to plaintiff custody and al low nee orders Victoria Clements vs Julius Clements agreed entry Clara Eileen Shuck va Mllburn Shuck decree to plaintiff re tors tinn of maiden name Evelyn Perklua va Roy Perkins hearing reset for March 14 May FYntner vs Herman Fortner decree to plaintiff restoration of former name Alice Bchmltt va Henry Bclimltt dismissed Alice 8chmltt va Henry Schmitt decree to plaintiff alimony of 9300 Leola Adams vs John Adams decree to plaintiff custody and allowance orders Sydney Moeller ra Rachel Moeller decree to plaintiff entry June Keown vs James Keown decree to nlalntiff entry Marr Catherine Kastner va Albert Edward Kastner decree to plaintiff restoration of maiden name John Simpson vs Mabel Simpson decree to plaintiff Margie Mae Sneed vs John 8ueed hearing reset for March 14 Owen Stroud vs Bemle Stroud alias summons lastied for defendant returnable March 31 Mabel Blandford vs William land-ford hearing vacated Sadie William va Ora Stanford William limited divorce for two years to plaintiff custody and allowance orders bench warrant waned for defendant bond 91000 Viols Barr vs Clifton Barr hearing renet for March 31 Sylvia Berger vs John Berger orders for allowance and attorney's fees Audrey Mae Pugh Archie Pugh hearing on relief order for attorney's fees In re: petition of Herbert AIoyMus Tebben to change name act for hearing March 9 Mary Young va Richard Young Le rising appears for plaintiff hearing rect for March 11 William Wei horn vs Helfnch Lumber and Manufacturing company et aL petition for partial distribution of assets filed Olivia Krohn vs Robert Krohn plaintiff files petition for relief end re training order restraining order granted petition set for bearing March 14 SUPERIOR COURT RECORDS Evallne Williams vs Fenton Williams divorce to plaintiff custody and support order Bexler Luck vs Dorothy Luck divorce to plaintiff entry Bernice Schlerholz vs Lee Schler-holz divorce to plaintiff plaintiff' maiden name restored Joseph Weighman va Illinois Central Railroad et al motion to require plaintiff to answer questions In report of notary public reset for argument March 11 Interstate Loan Corporation vs Charles Gentry trial finding and judgment for plaintiff entry William Beal ra Marie Beal orders for allowance and attorney'! fee set for trial March 28 Fins Lavne va Alle Layne Newman aiid Balm appear for defendant defendant files petition for relief set for hearing March 12 Pearl Russell va Opal Russell order of publication Edna May Russell disinterested party PROBATE COURT RECORDS (Civil Division) City Chevrolet Company Inc vs Lela Butler Shelton cause dismlosed (Probate Division) In re: estate Louise Dc Kress appraiser's report filed set for hearing March 28 Ih re: estate Eva Elliott Pritchard Inventory Died REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS National City Bank to Raymond Kalbach lota 34 33 block 9 Wood-lawn 61 Fred Jurgenmeler to Emil Weber and wife part a nw 30-5-1 9L Katherine Guth to Gustav Sieg-mueller part se se 12-8-11 61 William Bchmltt and wife to Harry Hahn Iota 16 17 block 18 Industrial addition 91 hldor Becker to Adolph Becker lota 21 22 block Bellealre 91 National City Bank to Bradford Lumber company lot 10 block Miller terrace 91 National City Bank to Bradford Pairbirk W'ir Fidel Phen In Gen Am Trail Gen Ciksrt Gru'l Electric General Poods General Motors 34 Geu Ry-81 nil Gillette But Ru Ji4 Gliddni HU Goodrich Co Dexcriptiaa Balt Bid (1w CotN foldint einvu 14 KindlM ((((MRifh 14 Loks bnsH door and drawer Mured 19 Sierl i a Mured 14 UutVNMfl i (iiiiieMiirch li Buniutp rteel I4((((49ll9l Mured 17 Twine flex ew Mured 17 Screws! wood bnMi Mured 17 Reamers Xlarch 17 Bolts steel Xlarch 17 Locks March 11 Carboys (law tor dlklllled water March 17 Trucks motor March 17 Chuckle anchor screw March 11 Netiina poultry steel galvanised March 17 Buoy -Mured 17 Rivet te March 17 Furniture davenports arm chairs occas'onai chairs dining table and chairs china cexec servins tables wood beds dresfers cheats vanity dressers Match 17 Lumber uprucc stssc planking softwood yard rough- finish sawn Umber grads select Xlarch 14 Sugar granulated March 14 Cheesecloth March 141 Crankcases Xlarch 191 Lavatories March 19 Sled March Adre dividers drill foutes Xlarch SO Closers door liquid March 38 Helmets blast telephone March 30' Cement rubber: cement com- 1 pound end compound metal- -March 30 Wrenches March 30i Brushes Mirch 34 Screw machine March 30 1 Bhellae thinner lacquers pig- ment Xlareh 34 Feales wdghing March 30 Soap March 30 Cirtridses dummy (wood and steel! March 30 Lseqncr and thinner dear Xlarch 30 Bearinrc bail and balls bearing March 20 Soap salt water March 20 Cuspidors March 20 Bted March 20i Powder soap aXfarch 20 Trays meu steel Xlarch 20 Chimneys (lobes tamps lanterns and lichts March 30 Hammers XXsreh 14 Soda-Ash powdered March 30 Oakum spun March 31 Mitt Xlarch 31 Tor (in alloy steel Xlareh 23 Otpes March 33 Hammer March 33 Hammers March 33 Extractors tlondirar Tirt firliin-PuiRr irunbr irent Nnrili old Gri WrL Su 1IAUUSTADT IlAl'IJSTADT Ind March (Special) 51 and Mrs Fritx Meyer anuounce the birth of daughter A birthday dinner was given In honor of Sirs Dora Connor Present were Mr and Mra Fow ler Sir and Sirs Bratton Princeton Sir aud Mrs Leo Schulhles and Mr and Mra Tom Shannon Evansville Mr and Mr Clehis Ten Burge visited Mr Pele Ten Barge and family Mra Bertha Boren Ylnrcnnes visited Mr Nellie Ten Ibirge 51 and 5lr Henry Singer visited In Kvausville 51 and Mrs Raymond x'ixlleii 5Irs 5laihew 5V11m Juki In and Frances Ausliieger IndlanHpoli spent the wcek-eud with their parent Mr and 5Irs Anton Anslueger 51 and 5lrs Jim 5TrReynulds visited 5lr and 51 rs Joe Ten Burge Mr Fred Wargel Evansville visited Mr and Mrs Ray Ziliak 5Ir and Mrs George Pruitt visited 51 and Mra John Pruitt Cynthia na CALIIOUN 13 13-11 41 34' 2V II Heel it Prod Hnmcsiske Minins 30' Hiram Walker Illinois Crutral 7 Indpla Inland 81 eel Inirilake Iron Inn Harveeter IltV Ntckrl seeeeeeiee IIH PupfT ttiitiiM 14 Int Ihor 3 Jik 33 11' 3 14 ll 13-IS 4' 34 25 'i 30' 32! 17' 60 4 45' 2s1 14'a 2 2' 57'i 221 323 121 17 4 203 30' 1' 1 14 30' -j O' 21' 25' 31 Infl Tel lc Tel John Manvllle Jones ft Laufhlin 33 -i 114 3' 14 12 li-la u4' 124 25' 2S'a 32' 13 I3 41" 2S 14' 29 2 57'i 32 20 2B1 12' 17 4Ji 2ll 3'i IB' I rift'i 21' 2-V 21 72- 57 ii FEEDS rOKKE'fl ULTRA CHICK MASH AP 16 POULTRY MASH EGGO 18 EGG MASH BIG GEE 20 EGG MASH A-1 16 ALL MASH 40 HOG SUPPLEMENT ULTRA HOG SUPPLEMENT BIG GEE HOG FEED PIG SHOAT GROWER EGGO SCRATCH FEED EGGO CHICK FEED BIG GEE 22 DAIRY FEED A-1 16 DAIRY FEED CiOKKE'9 MINERAL contains: Steamed Bone Meal Calcium Carbonate Charcoal Salt Iron Oxide Copper Sulphate Manganese Sulphate Codliver Oil and Irradialed Yeast per cat Evansville Indiana If your dealer cannot aupply you write or call Edward Goeke Sous Evansville Livestock Quotations FVAYSHUK ll! KSTIXK Furnlbhra by the Lvanwille Lnhin Htockjarrit EVANSVILLE Mircli 7 CATI1E -Kccelpls for 8aliirtlay llglit What few klrcm and butcher cattle were oil sale clurd up a quarter lower than the (ore part of the week Cows of all grades chadUa up Mlenrly with a decline from Wednesday Bulls look steady Good to duilue long fed alerra III 11150: something laiiry and h-Idled up as high as $1350 gnod to choice light weight steers aud hellers lung fed 1150 something fancy up to 13: good to choiee short ted cattle idling from 9890 10 something fancy up to 811 Common 17 ft 790 Good to choice beef type cows 9890 something fancy up to 99 Dairy type fat cows 9775 835 Strong weight cutters 9750 775 Good canurra shelly kind 9590 9 Choice bulla 99 $890: something fancy up to 910 Common to medium bulls 97 $9 Oood to clinics stocker calves in bunches 90 CALVE8 Receipts light market steady Extreme top of 915 paid lor strictly choice calve Good to choice 913 af 1450: medium to good 911 1390 Plain calves 91190 down: common 90 down Good to choice heavy calves weighing 300 lbs and up 91090 to 914 medium grade 99 1090 Plain heavy caha 9850 dnwn SHEW AND LAMBS Receipts light market steady No 1 wool lambs 913 down as-trerns heavy lamba selling at discount Buck lamba discounted 91 per hundred pounds No 3 lamba 8925 Good to choice light weight sheep 98 down heavy weights 15 down Yearlings 90 down with some choice we terns eligible to bring higher prices Receipts light Market 10 cents lower muglut and stags steady Extreme top 913320 Good to choice 180 to 300 lbs 913051 1330 30U to 330 llM 81305 1330: 230 to 260 lbs 81395 1310 260 to 300 lbs 81280 300 to 350 lhe 81265 350 to 450 lbs 8134U 450 lba and up 91235 160 to 180 lbs 91270 130 to less than 160 lbs 81295: 130 lbs and down 911 40 Good to choice sows 350 lbs 813 350 to 450 lbs 91175 ISO Ibo arid up 91190 Light stags 91090 heavy stags 910 All stags sold with 80 lbs dock ITIK'AGU LIVESTOCK CHICAGO March HOGS 300 no early action on small supply or hogs available undertone about steady: for the week: hogs topped at 91350 a further new 4-year high and closed at 91395 sows acaling 500 lba brought aa much aa 91390 CATTLE Receipts 200 calves none Pur the week all grades fed atei and yearlings 25 to 50 cents higher Inxionces up 75 nenlx lung yearling Lipped at 91525 highest since February 1941 largely 81190 -1425 steer trade: heifers aieady to 25 will higher topping at 91425 vcalers steady at 815 down SHEEP Receipts 1000 For the week: fed lamba around 10 io 25 cents lower: fat yearlings and sheep steady to strong fed lambs mid as high as 91235 and choice fat ewes brought 9750 765 IT WAYNE LIVESTOCK FT WAYNE March Steady to 15 cents lower 200-230 lbs 91325 180-300 lbs 91330: 160-180 lbs 81310 230-240 lba 91315 340-200 lba 91310: 260-2 BO lba 813: 280-300 lba 91290 300-350 lba 91390 350-400 lbs 91275 150-160 lba 91250 140-150 lbs 81225 130-140 lba 912 100-130 lbs 91175: roughs 911-75 stags 91050 915 81160 CINCINNATI LIVESTOCK CINCINNATI March I AD-HOGS Salable supply 600 total receipts 150: top 91350 for good aud choice 180-200 lb 180-180 lb also 250-375 lb $1340: 275-800 lb 91390: 300-400 lb 91320 medium to good 150-160 lb 91250 140-150 lb 91226 130-140 lb 91175 Salable 10 total 425 calves salable and total 50 SHEEP Salable and total 25 LOUISVILLE LIVESTOCK LOUI8VILLE Ky March (AP) (U 8 Dept Receipts 25: today's market nominal bulk medium and good slaughter steers and heifers for week 91050 ft 1260: top 913 paid for baby beef type yearlings and 1045 lb steers Receipts 25: today's market nominal late sales good and choice vealers 91550 1000 SHEEP None: today's market nominal supply for week small strictly choice 89-104 lb December lambs $1275 1325: other good and choiee for week quoted mostly nominal from 81190ft 1295 fat slaughter ewes 8450 590 HOOS Receipts 50 small supply of- good and choice 175-200 lb barrow and gilts 25e lower than Friday at 813 ft 1315 top 913-15 otherwise market nominal EAST ST IOI IS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS 111 March (AP) Receipt 500 not enough good to choice hogs on sale to establish a market few lots 180-220 lbs 813351 1340: odd lots 160 lbs down cleaned up at 91275: and below: compared week ago mostly 20-40c higher Receipts 25 calves 25 compared with close last week: steer 25-50c higher: mixed yearlings and belfera 25c higher: cows 25c lower: bulla steady: replacement steers steady replacement steers steady to strong vealers 25c lower tope for week: choice 1353-lb steers 81425 highest price paid locally since August 1937 choice 818-lb mixed yearlings 91335 choice 748 lb heifers 913 cows 9950 sausage bull 91025 replacement steers 81165 vealers 915 SHEEP Receipts none compared with Friday last week lambs 25-50c lower other steady practical top wooled lambs for week 81225 lew-lots closely sorted 81250: bulk good to choice natives 61175- 1225 medium to good 81050 1150 102-110 lb wooled westerns 91195ft 1175: clipped 9950 1075 fall clipped yearlings 6950: two-year-olds 9850: good to choice slaughter ewes 6550 675 IMMANtpniI8 LIVESTOCK INDIANAPOLIS March 7 HOOS Receipts 2000: 160 lbs up 20-25 cents lower than Friday's bulk sales lighter weights steady good to choiee 160-280 lbs 61320u 1340 380-400 lbs 81305 ft 1320: 100-160 lbs mostly 91175i 1275 sows 10-lSc lower 81210- 1290 CATTLE--Receipts 175: calves 25 steady compared last close steer and ycarliuga practically all erode uneven 25 to 50 ceuts higher: heifers strong to 25c up: cow and sausMire bulls average generally fully "trady spots strong top steers 914 hulk good and ehoire all weights 612 137 medium grades largely 810m 11 75 best heitera and mixed yearling 912 00 1250 bulk good heifers 811 11 85: medium and good '900i VMle I0HK steady top 11950 High Low None: steady compared January (1(75 vlskrcb (((((( II 4l May iinitiitMiit July IMtltiM 1161 October ((( 114 December 1175 6po 2016 uk or III font nut i Ol I lK Hlutl lor £EW-w0RK (APl-The January 299 299 spot i of fra market was quiet and i March 2 99 2 99 firm today May 299 293 Grain Quotations SOYBEANS fR I A MeCanhy (feed Blacks and browns milling Bushel vellow 91 80 cow pees to 62: red clover and 11 Ice to eed oat Columbia type 68 HAT (Bv Coal and Feed No 1 timothy 8 elover i I alfalfa WHEAT (By Iglelieart Brothers) No 2 red when delivered Ml 9199 (charge mtde Jan CORN (By Diamond Mill) New ear No 2 white 87e: No 2 yellow 70 lbs 78c LAFAYETTE GRAIN LAFAYETTE Ind March No 2 9116 No 3 yellow 74c No 2 white 52c (TIH-lriO CASH CRAIN CHICAGO March 1 No 2 mixed 8197 CORN No 1 vellow 84 No 3 80 ft B2c No 4 sample 69c Nn mixed 58c white 57c: No 1 special red 58c 2 heavy 54c BARLEY Malting 80c 81 feed and screenings 50 nominal No yellow FIELD SEED Per hundredweight nominal: Timothy seed 9790ft alslke 61550ft 18: red top 98ft red clover seed 616 1 18 sweet 9SoO9 NEW YORK GRAIN NEW YORK March wheat easy: No 1 dark spring CIF NY 8147 No 1 Manitoba FOB 97c Corn steady: No 2 yellow CIF 98c: No 3 yellow 97 Oats steady: No 3 white CIF Soybean oil steady crude cars per lb 1225 bid TOLEDO GRAIN TOLEDO March Grain on track (nominal basla rate New York) No 2 red 6127197c No 3 yellow 3 yellow 80m31c No 1 white 60 ft 61 2 white 4859c No 2 yellow HAY Unchanged INDIANAPOLIS GRAIN INDIANAPOLIS March Wagon wheat No 2 red 9119 No 8 yellow shelled 75c Cash grain: Steady: No 1 red 193: No 2 red 9121ft 193: No 9191ft 192: No 3 hard 6190 Steady No 2 yellow 78c No 2 white 11 ft 12c over No 2 mixed 1 ft under yellow Easy No 2 white 64 No 2 red 63w64c CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO March I No 2 mixed 9197 No 1 yellow 64 ft 3 80 ft 8Jc No 4 75( 79c 69c No 1 mixed 56c No 1 57c No 1 special red 56c No 2 54c BARLEY Malting 80c (1 feed and screenings 5087e No 3 yellow FIELD SEED Per hundred nominal TIMOTHY SEED 8750 ft 775: 91590ft 18: red top 88 875 clover seed 918! 18 sweet 9690ft 9 sTl HI VKII5il ET BOMlS Decimal indicate Knd Mar Bid Trcmurv 3 193-t7 10314 Treatury 3 1(43-4 1041 Treasury 3 1044-tf 10( Treasury 4 144-54 10610 Treatury 1045-47 1001 Treatury 2t 1045 10521 Treatury 3 l46-5( 110 4 Treatury 3 1046-46 10725 Treasury 3 104S-4 1015 Treatury 4 1047-53 11512 Treatury 2 1047 10411 Treatury 2s Mar l4(-50 10121 Treamry 23 1(44-51 10714 Treatury 2t 1041 10423 Treasury 2k Dre 1946-50 10413 Treasury 2k 1040-51 100 24 Treatury 3 1V4S-52 110K Treatury 2f 1IHI7 Treasury 2'' 1050-52 10614 Treasury 2-s 1951-54 106 TTeamry 3 11012 Treasury 2k 1951-53 10421 Treatury 2k 1051-55 100 2 Treasury 2 1933-54 103 IS TreuKury 2t 1952-55 10024 Treasury 2s 1014 Treasury 2x 1951-5S 10422 Treasury 2 1(55-60 10914 Treasury 2s 1936-5 102 23 Treiir 1950-30 10(24 Treasury 2 l(S-l 10( 24 treasury 2s 1900-05 109 14 Treatury 2 1067-72 100 15 Miccellaiicoii! 1430 14 51 1(41 11(7 1472 2414 Kelsey Havev Kennecuri Cooper 'in Krewe Co Kroger Grory 17 Pi MIIMI 51 10 Ccl $155 81 80 910: cents Co) (15 00 61600 9110 Evansville 13) 70 lbs delivered (AP) CASH ft 85c: 75H79c No 1 No nominal 67c 8187 775: 875: clover Cah northern northern tank 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terrace 91 National City Bank to Bradford Lumber company lot 11 block 6 Miller terrace 91 National City Bank to Bradford Lumber company lot 14 block 8 Miller terrace II Emil Neuendorf and with to Clyde Fallowfleld and wife part se sw 81-5-11 91 21'j J1 12 72j4 Mack Truck Marshall Field Marlin Maihi Alkali Mclnlvrr Mine Mid Com Pet Corp Monsanto Chem Montgomery Ward Mullins Mi 25' 24 Nash Kebluaior 43i Nat Biscuit Club Re A Nat Cyl Gaa Nat Dairy Prod National Distiller Nat Pow National HI eel Newport Newt Chi ft Si 47 Central Bhipbld 26' Norfolk ft Weaiern 115 Produce Markets writtii tin ino8 Tail market rfnrewnt ranre at prirr paid br several lesdlnc Event-Till predur aira yesterday I hi im me Iheac rim will pretml la-1 day Prim paid Iadov a ill depend OMB aiarket aueUlwai elarohere apan Ike raaditiana af the lacal market and alhar for Lari Leah urn hern 14c to lie lb Colored bena under i 18 lo 20c lb Colored I lb and over lie to 20c Broiler under 3 Id to 21c Broiler 3 lb and Id lo 2le 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No 1 12 Nebraska bliss triumphs 8 No 1 9295 Minnesota and North Dakota bile triumphs commercials 9195 207 cobblers commercials 9195 200: Wisconsin katahdlnx 9185 200: new stock supplies moderate: demand light market about steady 1 flirt MERCANTILE IT T1 KLS BUTTER: March a 3320 EGGS: October 3270 POTATOES: March 272 November 1 250 CINCINNATI PltORlCE CINCINNATI March (Tub lota I creamery as to score 86iq37c: butterlat premium 31c regular 29c EGGS iCaaea Included 1: extra firsts 27c seconds 2 be nearby ungraded 26c POULTRY Fowls: colored over 5 lb 22c' over 4 lb 23c over 8 lb 21c: leghom over 3 lb 20c 2 lb and over 22c Spring chickens (new crop) white rocks and Plymouth rocks broilers over 1 lb 25c over 2 lb 24c fryers over 3 lb 26c roasters 4 to 6 lb 28c Colored springers broilers over 114 lb 24c over 2 lb 23c fryers over 8 lb 25c roasters 4 to 6 lb 27c Leghorn orplngton and Mediterranean breeds broilers over 1 lb 20c over 2 lb 19c partly feathered and black 18c White ducks 4 and over 20c: 8 and over 18c: col ored ducks 4 and over 19c: 3 and over 18c: geese choice 8-12 lb 16c: over 12 lbs 18c common 10c NEU YORK CE NEW YORK March 7 (UP! iKtEI) POULTRY Somewhat Irregular fresh fowls scarce Turkeys northwestern young hens toms frozen 2533c: old hens-toma 28 29ci western young liens tome frozen 2432c: old hens-toms 27 a 28c: southwestern youni hens-toms frozen 2381c: oil hens-toms 27 28c: far western frozen young hens-toms 2533c old hens-tonu 26 29c LIVE POILTIIY Steady rather qnud demand receipts light Gccc 20c: turkeys (hens) 82c: roocters old 17c: ducks 20c fowls 21 27c chickens colored 20c capons 28 30c broilers 18 26c pullets 22 81c INUIANAPIIL1M PICOIIUE INDIANAPOLIS March lUPI-TMll LI KY Heavy breed colored hens lul feathered 19c leghorn hens 14c colored springers under 4 lbs 15c white and barred rocks under 4 1 ha 18c leghorns 13c: colored lbs and over 18c: white and barret rock springers 19c EGGS Current receipts 54 lbs and up 23 Ill No 1 36 37c: No 2 3335e butterfat: No 1 33c No 2 30c In tt IIIE PltOlil LOUISVILLE Ky March (AP Buying prices averaged by members of the Louisville Mercantile Ex-rlisngc: Ungraded 54 11 and up 24c No 1 candled 25c: No 2 candled 21 pullets 17 all eggs bought rots off POULTRY Colored fowls hens 3 lbs and up 19c: 4 11m and up 19r: under 4 lb I9c: bens leghorns 2 lbs and up t3c: rooster old 11c young 14c leghorn roosters 10c Hothouse white and plvmouth ricks 2 to 2i lbs 21c: colored 3 to 2'j lbs 19c: leghorns and giants 1 lia up 17c: bsreback springers and hens discounted 13' North Am Aria Norih American North Pacific Ohio Oil Otia Kiev Co Oil Steel Owens 111 Glass O' 12' 53 45 ilwc Cily Court Records State vs Lenni Knight 26 802 Clark street drunkenness continued to Xfsrch 9 State vs Victor Hoes city reckless driving continued to March 14 re-lessed on own recognizance State ve Otis Flowers 41 route 1 reckless driving plea of Innocent 95 and costs sentenced 90 days days 'Winded on condition defendant makes restitution State vs George William Curtis 83 Negro 214 Olive street drunkenness pies of guilty 610 and costs sentenced 60 days State vs Paul Snyder 27 8013 Claremont avenue drunkenness plea of guilty 910 and costs sentenced 30 days all suspended pending good behavior State vs Inez Fox 30 918 Harriet street drunkenness continued to Xfitrch 9 bond 950 State vs El wood Cummins 37 816 Southeast Second street drunkenness pies of guilty 910 and costs all suspended City Walter Quinn 21 and Clifford Rawlings 20 bothf of 1508 South Morton avenue disorderly' pleas of Innocent sentence withheld to March 9 bond 9500 far each Avtotion mstotob1 eMinsuh- etaia who bs and marine ted ported to bt tvol -jrsiasst ertfi 223 05 IS" 5 2(4 35 4 444 12 23 24 13 1 3 17 223 S5' 15 5 31 34 4 44 11 23 8 2 13 1 1J 7 32 23 Pac Gaa ft Elec 174 Packard Motor 3' Pan American Airwa 14' Paramount Publlx 14' Parker Rusiproul 17 Fnna 22'i Penney 45' Pep' Cola IS1 Petrol Corp 5' Phelps Dodke 2S' PIiiUiw Peie 35 PIllKhurg Screw Proctor Gamble 44J Pub Service 12 Pullman 23 Pure Oil g'k Radio of A 2' Rekdiny 13 Remlnaum Rand I1 Reu Minor 3 Rep Iron ft Steel 17' Remold Metal Co 7 Reynold Tub 22' 61 Joseph Lead Co It Schenley Distiller 134 Bear Roebuck 47' Servel Inc a1 Shell Union Oil 1I- Skelly Oil 23 Borony Vacuum 8 Porto Buy 23 South Cal Edison 17 Soulh Pacfiie 12' Southern IS" Sperry Corp 2 Si anti Brand 3 Standard Oil or Calif IB3 Standard Gil n( Ind 223 Biwndsrd Oil ut 34' 8lewrl-Wrner 5' Stone ft Webster 4 Smdebaker Bwift ft Co 23 Texas Corp 33 Texas Gull Sulphur 31 30 13 47 5- IT 23 0 22 17 11 10 li) 21" 34 5 4 4 23a 32' 30 13- 47 5- IT 23' IT- 12' IC 2S 3 IS 223 34 5 44 23" 32 YOU CAN DO Your Part J' ITH THE Ides of March at hand and income taxes looming in wartime magnificence it is only human to wonder what they'll look like next year Let Donald message give you a clue As he sighted sub and sank same so can you sighting your income taxes for the year 1942 rising out of a sea of wartime emergencies sink same hy opening a Savings Account with The Savings Bank Deposit a certain smn regularly each month so that at the end of the year you 11 have enough cash on hand to satisfy the government on that fatal day March lo 1942 Lei a Peoples Savin llttnh Pass Booh Be Your Puss Word to VICTORY Roml Market I NEW YORK Xlarch (AF)- Highlighting an irregular bond market today were weakness In cer- tain utility and rubber issues and a I fair recovery In rails after some ex- i tension of Friday's decline in the first I hour The Anxocisied Frees utility average dropped to new 1942 low Transaction totaled 64220300 face value against 64378000 the previous Saturday 919744 weight alslke red clover Close Akfd 10326 10410 10511 10(12 10(1 10524 110 10727 1041 11514 10415 10123 lo716 10625 10415 10030 11020 1049 10414 10411 11014 10423 1004 10J 1 10024 10311 104 24 109 IS 10225 10S2K 1042S ln(l( 10017 NEW YORK nil Low Claxe I 12 16 2 I 1 i- 192 3 4 1C Murrh 7 Aluminum Co Ain Am Cviiumtri Am 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Evansville Press from Evansville, Indiana (2024)


Where is the Evansville Courier and Press? ›

Evansville Courier & Press
Front page of The Evansville Courier dated August 8, 1945 featuring the aftermath of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan.
Headquarters300 E. Walnut St. Evansville, Indiana 47713 United States
Circulation30,000 Monday-Saturday 50,000 Sunday
6 more rows

How do I cancel Evansville Courier and Press? ›

You can opt out of Premium Editions at any time by contacting customer service at 1-844-900-7104. If you do not contact us to opt out of Premium Editions, your receipt and acceptance of the Premium Editions constitutes your consent to these charges and these terms.

How do I contact Evansville Courier and press live? ›

How do I contact Customer Service? To get help with your account or subscription, call 1-844-900-7104 or chat online here.

Who founded Evansville Indiana? ›

Hugh McGary - Founder of Evansville.

Where is the Evansville Courier printed? ›

The printing press at the Courier & Press' longtime office at 300 E. Walnut St. closed in March 2017, and printing of the local newspapers moved to the Gannett-owned Courier Journal in Louisville, Kentucky.

Where is the courier mail printed? ›

Its editorial offices are located at Bowen Hills, in Brisbane's inner northern suburbs, and it is printed at Yandina on the Sunshine Coast.

Can courier be Cancelled? ›

Please note: A shipment can only be cancelled if it hasn't been collected yet.

How do I cancel my subscription to the courier mail? ›

If you wish to cancel or change your current subscription offer, you can do this by calling 1300 MY NEWS (1300 696 397).

How do I cancel my post and courier subscription? ›

How can I change my subscription or cancel? Please email us at subserve@postandcourier.com or call us at 843-853-7678 and one of our customer service team members will be happy to assist.

How do I contact the Courier Post in New Jersey? ›

The mailing address is The Courier-Post, P.O. Box 5300, Cherry Hill, NJ, 08034. For customer service and home-delivery, call (800) 677-6289. For all other questions, call our office at (856) 663-6000.

Who is the billionaire in Evansville Indiana? ›

William (Bill) Charles Stone, the founder, chairman, and CEO of SS&C Technologies, was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana.

Who is the largest employer in Evansville Indiana? ›

Top Employers
CompanyNumber of EmployeesCounty
Deaconess Health System (HQ)10,500Vanderburgh
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana7,500Gibson
Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp.3,450Vanderburgh
Berry Global (HQ)3,200Vanderburgh
52 more rows

What is the nickname for Evansville Indiana? ›

The city of Evansville, Indiana was founded in 1812 and incorporated in 1817. It is situated on an oxbow in the Ohio River, and is often referred to as the "Crescent Valley" or "River City".

Where is the Lafayette Journal and Courier printed? ›

In the spring of 2020 during the havoc caused by COVID-19, the J&C's printing operations shifted to Indianapolis, while the news-gathering operations have remained local.

Where is the Charleston Post and Courier headquarters? ›

TO OUR READERS: If you have questions or comments about articles or photographs in The Post and Courier, write us at 148 Williman Street, Charleston, SC 29403, or email the appropriate news editor or manager listed below.

Who owns the Post and Courier Charleston SC? ›

It is the flagship newspaper of Evening Post Industries, which in turn is owned by the Manigault family of Charleston, descendants of Peter Manigault. It is the largest newspaper in South Carolina, followed by Columbia's The State and The Greenville News.

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