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Quill, Ill. Wed, Sept. 4, 1990 71st Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hull of Dallas City have, celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary on Saturday, August 4, 1990.

The couple have enjoyed several gettogethers with family members and friends. Letter to the Editor Dear Editor: Benefits and entitlements to veterans and their dependents have been cut at all levels of government. The remembrance of this nation's veterans and their deeds on the field of honor stops after the cannons fall silent. It seems the country wants to blame the soldiers for the unpleasantry of the wars in which they served. Currently this nation has called to arms many sons and daughters who are being faced with imminent danger.

Actions in the Persian Gulf have already taken the lives of Americans. Newly discharged Armed Forces members and those not serving before 1976 are not viewed as veterans in the eyes of the State of Illinois. Perferences for State of Illinois jobs are not given to veterans that served in times of conflict after December 31, 1976. Those serving during Beirut, Grenada, Panama and now the Persian Gulf aren't veterans according to Illinois. It is time to stop this injustice and make Illinois recognize all men and women who have served in the Armed Forces.

The Veterans Action Committee urges all veterans and their families to call or write your state Representatives and Senators to change this gross unfairness. Also, you may write the Veterans Political Action Committee at P.O. Box 783, Springfield, Illinois 62705-0783 Sincerely, Steve Denton Chairman Vet Pac Hospital News BMCDismissals Erman Hetrick, Carman John Morrison, Carman Fern James, Oquawka Nancy Thomas and baby boy, Oquawka MDHNews Admitted Colchester Terrence Ward, Pamela Wells, Christina Sanchez, Rita Spangler, Cynthia Barnes. LaHarpe Christina Burford, Frances Burkhart. Blandinsville Hazel Zimmerman Dismissed Blandinsville Rhonda Driskell and daughter, Donna McPeak Colchester Anita Gooden, Leona Amerine, Mabel Humes, Christina Sanchez, Terrence Ward.

LaHarpe Christina Burford. Carthage Hospital Admitted Colchester Stanley Cramer Niota Georgia Tipton Dismissed Colchester Stanley Cramer Dallas City Laura Burden and daughter. Niota Georgia Tipton. "Four Freshman" In Concert The Orpheum Theatre will present "The Four Freshmen" in concert on Friday, September 14, 1990 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $7.50, $10.00 and $12.50 and are available at The Orpheum box office at 45 South Kellogg Street, Galesburg, or by calling 342-2299.

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gredients plus soothing aloe ITCHX Ila Pence Ila F. Pence, 87, of Lomax died at 9:35 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 1, 1990 in the Henderson County Retirement Center in Stronghurst. She was born Aug.

19, 1903 in Anamoose, N.D., a daughter to George and Margaret (Spink) Iseminger. She married Arnold Pence June 2, 1956 in Carthage. He died April 3, 1974. Mrs. Pence was reared in.

the Carthge area, where she graduated from high school. She had lived in Monmouth, for several years where she worked for the Form-Fit Company. 1 In 1966 she moved to Lomax and was employed as a sales clerk for Younkers in Burlington until her retirement in 1977. She was a member of the Farmers' Wives Club, the Wednesday Club of Lomax, the CarmanLomax Senior Citizens and the Terre Haute United Methodist Church. Surviving are one daughter, Mrs.

Larry Spiker of Lomax; one stepson, Russell Pence of Chillicothe two stepdaughters, Mrs. Sydney Kline of Dallas City and Mrs. Arnell Rhea of Ohio; 15 grandchildren; 27 greatgrandchildren and two greatgreat-grandchildren; two brothers, Howard Iseminger of Quincy and Raymond Iseminger of Ferris; and one sister, Mrs. Myrtle Wirth of Long Beach, Calif. She was preceded in death by one son, Francis and two sisters.

Services were at 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Lomax Christian Church. Burial was in the Crane Cemetery. Banks and Beals Funeral Home were in charge of the arrangements. A memorial fund has been established for the Lomax Ambulance service.

Don't sing of yeste: day Yesterday is gone Tomorrow isn't written Make today your song. Blandinsville. Memorials may be made to the V. A. Hospital in Iowa City or to his church.

Have a Safe Squirrel Hunt Gene Melvin Gene E. Melvin, 67, of rural Blandinsville died at 6:10 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 1, 1990 at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Iowa City, Iowa. Mr.

Melvin was born Nov. 18, 1922 near Sciota, a son to Ervin and Hazel (Painter Melvin. He married Betty Taylor, Aug. 14, 1943 in Cahoka, MO. She survives.

Surviving are four sons, Rick and Mitch, both of Blandinsville, Timm of rural Littleton and Lon of Burlington, Iowa; one sister, Ena Gills of Macomb; one brother, J. Kent of Blandinsville and eight grandchildren. He was preceded in death by two brothers, Charles and Burnett and one sister, Marabel Jones. He was a Good Hope resident from 1945 to 1964 and owned and operated Melvin Truck Lines there for several years before moving to Blandinsville. He later was a livestock manager for Intertate Producers Livestock Association in Stronghurst until retiring.

Mr. Melvin was to be the honorary coach of the Quincy College football team Sept. 15. He was a member of Blandinsville American Legion Post No. 424, Eagles Club of Macomb and Burlington Moose Lodge No.

579 in Iowa. He also was a member of the First Christian Church in Blandinsville. Services were p.m. Wednesday at ClugstonTibbitts Funeral Home in Blandinsville with the Rev. A.

Lee Unger officiating. Burial was in Glade City Cemetery in With the squirrel hunting already underway in Southern Illinois and beginning in the rest of the state Sept. 1, Department of Conservation Director Mark Frech offered some hunting tips to Illinois sportsmen hunting is one of "Squirrel the more popular fall Frech said. "There are a number of hunting tips that help make the 1990 hunmight ting season a successful and safe the woods you are hunting and the surrounding property. This will help you know where the den and food trees are located.

have excellent hearing, so watch where you put your feet and keep your voice low. into a productive part of the forest and sit and wait for the squirrels to move. If prefer stalking, walk at a you slow, quiet pace with numerous short pauses. Creek beds provide quiet walkways and the woods along side them usually are nut-producing trees. edge of the woods is a good hunting place because trees getting the most sunlight produce the most nuts.

alert. Your eyes need to be constantly moving and looking for signs of squirrel. Squirrels can be located by the sound they make as they move along limbs, eat nuts, claw on trees, knock down acorns, bark and run in the leaves. only when you have a good shot and remember that the squirrel is half tail. Make sure of your aim before you squeeze the trigger.

Illinois' squirrel season began Aug. 1 in the southern half of the state and begins Sept. 1 in the northern half of Illinois. The season runs through Dec. 31, but is closed Nov.

16-18 and Dec. 14-16 in counties open to firearm white-tailed deer hunting. Shooting hours are sunrise to sunset. Hunters can take five squirrels each day and have 10 in their possession. "Marriage is bonourable in all." -Hebrews 13:4 THE JACKET HOUSE SPECIAL DESIGN JACKETS T-Shirts, Jackets, Hats PATCHES GYM BAGS FOR SCHOOLS CLUBS ADVERTISING ITEMS We have done championship Conference Banners at large savings to schools for Dallas City, Notro Dame, Burlington High School, Southeastern Community College, Monmouth College as well as award patches and Southern And Union school jackets.

We can do Aquinas, FMHS, Marquette, Central Lee, Nauvoo Colusa and many more THE JACKET 1714 West Avenue, Burlington, lowa Owner: Mary Beth Bennett Dove Hunting Safety Tips There are a number of precautions that dove hunters should be aware of to make this hunting season the safest of all time, according to Mark Frech, Director of the Department of Conservation. "Doves provide Illinois sportsmen with their first wingshooting opportunity each year," Frech said. erratic flight provides for a challenging target, and makes hunter safety a prime consideration." Frech outlined a number of dove hunting tips for the upcoming season: load your gun until are at your hunting station you and shooting hours have begun. Keep the action open on your gun until it is time to shoot. your gun safety on until you are ready to shoot.

keep your gun pointed in a safe direction. Control the muzzle. overswing when shooting. Be aware of your shooting safety zone and the location of your fellow hunters. at your assigned hunting station except when you are retrieving downed birds.

Use a dog to retrieve birds when possible. an eye on downed birds so you can find them and return to your shooting station quickly. take your gun with you when retrieving birds. Put the safety on and carefully lay it down. Watch for obstructions when placing your gun on the ground.

Unload your gun when it's not in use. your gun before leaving your shooting station, and keep the action open. Illinois' dove hunting season is noon to sunset from Sept. 1 through Oct. 30.

The daily limit is 15 birds, and there is a 30 bird possession limit. Dallas City Has 486 Enrollment Dallas City schools opened August 27 with an enrollment of 486 in classes through 12. Robert Clifton, Superintendent says this is an increase over last year. COLLEGE Bring In This Ad And Receive $5.00 OFF Any Wool Or Nylon School Jacket ANAR HOUSE.

The Henderson County Quill from Stronghurst, Illinois (2024)
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