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rr Kge if tecw THE SAN D1KG0 SUN: TUESDAY JUNE 8 1020 DOINGS OTHEDUS Chances Seem Slim to the Boss By Allman In Use Al 5 or Over Exact Copy of Wrapper INDEPENDENT CARPET CLEANERS ACCOUNTANTS HATS LAWNMOWERS INSURANCE A CLAIRVOYANTS PRO PALMER MOTORCYCLES 4 LIBERTY BONDS 3 NOTARY PUBLIC OPTOMETRISTS LAUNDRIES SPIRITUALIST Dowlig Optamslrlot 1 ktlH bit OSTEOPATHY MASSAGE AUTO STORAGE IRON AND WIRE LOUISE HEIL BRON Ootooaalkle Pkye4 elaa Unloa Mt tut AS IHI barber shops La Jolla Stage Line JEWELRY PHOTO STUDIOS TYPEWRITERS PIANO TUNING SANTA TIRES BOILERMAKERS VULCANIZING KKAIRJNO retreadlas work fuaraa WELDING DRESSMAKING GRINDING ROOP REPAIR HOSPITALS ui leotuy to CLOCKS EASTERN HERB CO 1041 ifth St PICKIHIESIAI ge's ST Always Bears the hl 910" the old hrO man Old hets mads now All hats a specialty 11X1 Bdwy NOU TMeNI nHO'S NeXT Escondido Depot Palace Hotel PhoneS I WI NOTART PUBLIC BlfhU Apla I th and University ZWHW'1UQ(WJ6B At W) WTWTW AH' nUMMlllBD A4E WIRB fence put up complete Stool win dow ruarday San Dloso Wire andiron Works 11 West street UNION STAGE int and Streets 'AGENTS OR McCORMIOK 8 LINE Phone 340 and Home 1555 Mothers Know That Genuine Castalia Keep Vwft Manx ANO tar TOO KNM later aoasMi HAva TO SCISSORS knives tools etc by expert Lownniowars Grab's Gen rep 1111 bdr WET WASH Rough Dry and tnlahod Work Prompt paltaklng ottloloat Mllofeetloa guaraatood Poorlm Laun der loll University HllleraM till HIGH GRADS Views af homes Kodak ilnlehlng Olson US Broadway ormerly Witter's Etudla (3 PEAT GlMirl! wurt BA5TM 5lt vou errterra up WE HAVE accident and hoaltk Inewr aaeo revering ovary caso from lltlt par roar up Our Ufa Insuruoe oom or Pleasure or Travel by Stages to Any Point in Southern Calif Six times daily between San Diego and Los Angeles ive times daily between San Diego and Imj penal Valley MARINE SALVAGE Marino onflnoa boats llttlngs India Mala tit We Rim OkiviAWMnl tow wwm nansf OPN VMtnW TO MAKS APPUCWnoM AS A MPG aad repalriag San Plsgo Cloak actory lit: Sth odd a Thirty Years USTORIA Ofc WT tat SXPIAIM TV Voul PCWr TOv KMOW THAT TO1 It OPMIkMS A CAM pat AN eNOAOCMtNY W1 toRKE IM wB MvvIM AHO Wl WetKO ON TOt 8TMU OR YMt BMT I I00WM6 HWfMHRL AMSAICA? WULlV COT TO OWTAJOO AMO Wtrf THAT pwte wMYTOy MLP Mfi OVYp 1 maMl'kf WltWflENT jtmaun? PROMPT Mhka la ml ptha We repair pnll rs anver Un Mtapn nr etoingle roefa Beau Mont 19 Ith il Main 474 IUnl Inge nt wholesale STEWART CASS Insurance and Bonds 228 Street Phone Main 1515 A LITTLE SHY the flower of the fam ily" "Then the family lan't very much on floral display" YOU WELL Cklaooo Hbo win aid paa Thaaahaoba kava kooa aaad la Chlaa tar totd ironla saoooaataUy debt ail rosnos at J1 as' allmoats Paru slarlr beaoflcial la Signature of YOU'RtS DOCTOR ANfc) 1 hANT TO Give YOU S6m6 ADVICC TWISTING GLOOMY ONOUGH IN YOvH UAHtNQ ROOK IVITMOuV A TABUS ULL OLD DOOCARID or TMC VIHTAae Of 1898 so P4XA8C GCT Somb OYHCM2 ONOS HOX WBK $(X KONTHS old" 4 MMW wd etatil tlre MeCGtlreeihlrtr KiRtP a MmPgaaM ltd Mbk Clothing for Mm Stetawi Hata Belber Hand Luggage I CUT HAIR for partlcuUr peopU why got youT tic Gillen 1411 Sth rrORAGB IS por month Brst olaas ro pairing St Garaio I DENTISTS DR ROMBIHARDT tit a Wash whAllaa a Tlmkoa niaa Typowrltors RaataA Nsatstblo 1 aA IS Vlstklss I mo Sto Mr! NBW marklaa THB CRNTVRY American writing macrinr CO INC 101 Third It Mala Illg CiSTORIA or Inftnts gnd Children eajmWNm 1 La Jolla Time Table 4 aalDlfldVKf GtmstipationaiKiDUrt lOSSOSffiXrt iSi Leave San Diego 8 and 10 a 2 end 5 m'Leave Escondido 8 and 10 a 2 and 6 San Diego Depot Union Stage Depot Pint and Sts Phones: Main Main 3368 Home 1555 i THE BEST WAY TO ESCONDIDO ILLS BVER8 SHOES Tom McCarthy Red Sox eeout will lucceed to the job as coach of Boston College base ball team taking Johnny place cnrnACBTTLRXS veUta a4 toeatlMr Uteel welhMe and ia4a etvlMuM aed at voaaara Waiaii ESCONDIDO SAN DIEGO STAGES McGARVIN Operators 0 BRIDGHAM vf 4 LET CHINESE HERBS MAKE DESCANSO and ALPINE STAGE May Plekwldk MMt bttien Or Pitot itrrrh dolly umM Saaddy tw Iliaa Sprint Alpia and Dttoantn Hntl Alpinn Tnvyra Mn Blaae'K Lneklnt Th WUlnwt Hnribwd Raneb Oakaaalta BlUa Baath Phon riekwlto Masto Mala Mt Uti Ham UK WAT0H REPAIRING MX WlOOINTON WaUK'dMrn Badah HHlrlnf fit Mala lit al nptiriat WkM tthtra rath tn CAL JUNK CO earner tt4 and Mkt Buy everything in japk Army terna need I tree far tale tilt THE SANTA JlixiTCO HU Mir ket et are wholreelert Mora money for your jttnkj Main Hl PHONE Main lot when yon hava any thing to eell Junk Ca DR INAACN Chiropractor Osteopath ElaetrothOMphy REE CONSULTA TION ill th Over Drug Store Mein 1 WORLUI GREATEST CLAIRVOYANT AND PSTCHIC 9 Ha ealla you by name and telle the object of your violt without aaklng a Mngla question Names enoenies and friends Tells whom and when you will marry if the one you leva levee you whether wife or swaethaart Is true or falso how to Influence anyone you desire even though a thousand mileaway Develops personal magnetism rsunltss the separated and causespeady and happy marriage with one of your choice Gives advlca on all matters of business ARE TOU UNSUCCESSUL? Do you And the one you have bs etowod your affection and trust upon acting cool and indlffsront? Hao rival or obstacle of any kind crept be tween you and ths ano you love or hu troubl Mtolld your happy home? If so COME TO THIS GITBD MTCHIC and help READINGS THIS pbrmanentlt locatbd SUITE II MPTON BLDG CORNER ITH AND STS HOURS ROM 10 A TO BP SUNDAY CLOSED MADAME LA BELLA WORLD'S GREATEST CLAIRVOYANT WV AND PSYCHIC TRANCE AND CARD th Hha calls you by name ana tone wmMto vllt without quMtlon 8h rli pour hand Ilk opra book and tello your pot toturo Sho tllo you whom ond whon will morry II tho ono you hihp wit or sweet I or thoutoud mll awuy Sho givoo ad vice on bualnaw apoculatlonA lnt mnta and all arialra Conault bar to day Oho glroa Portoat totlofactlon READINGS THIS Ito HOURS ROM 10 A TO IP ERMANS' 4 1th st Between and KELSEYJENNET COMMERCIAL COL Courses: Commercial English Shorthand (Pittmanio and Gregg Stanotypy Typewriting Ssfton Black 4 th and streets Effective Aug 20 1018 OICE 003 THIBD ST San Diego 'Maia 0023 Home 2181 RIAL Z8TATK IRMS MEAD HASKELL 00 iNSURANra WAT a HICKMAN Salto Dn flrtJION BruMh Of flea Mas Mil Park Blvd Hill 1111 i a satMssR ni t'wi aU Ha Maae writ dr tnfurauMi tCIJAIlb' ItAiia a nH alalty Ill Tkrtd at IHU BOOKS bought sold exchanged Now Era Book Store 19 9th sL Main 191 HOUSLEY BOOK STORE 10M Brand way Books bought aadssold Main 999 ANY language bought sold exchd Sold on com or obtained 727 Main 2347 1 India St Boulevard Express Daily to Los Angeles Baggage Household Goods etc Transferred Mia Balkk maaoad vibratory Hotl Nya rm 11 H1 Ilk Illi MME Sclantin maoaafa tar both MiH Homa Illi Ill fth at MRS ORST alactrla teal aad taaa maaoaa Ill at hour ia 1 I MILLER MtnulaeturiUR lowaiar on rravr diamond aottor Ill Owl bldg Got bualnoM from ilfll homao A Directory ad will bring It i 11 I I A( ts 7C Doi "teu PHONOGR AH RECORDS BOUGHT SOLD RXCHAXOED Ha each MadllaM rented sold Daily Sat HU heno Record Efebeaga 91 Seften bldg 4th sad Mais UM BATHS SWIMMING taught I laaaona now moth ad Plunga toot ot Ith at IRE 1NSURANCB Our to data forma glva our protoctloa HARRY ISHER a CO ttf Savoy Tkoator Bldg BAIMT ratao lor Sro and auto laaaraoda Raal oatata and notary pubUa mcfadden ion ith at WB WRITE any klad of Inaoranea Portor III fth Main Ilf INSURANCE Ioann Martha la graoll Roblnaan 111 Granger Blk BD LETCHER COM It! Eighth atraot PhoM Mala Ilf or HIT MBTAPHYBIOAL LIBRARY BOOKS and mageetoea tar ante rant Illi Broadway IH9 lUTTRUSZl MIGHKUT apot aak far full to parUf paid Liberty kendo See kotoro you doll your kendo III Ith at Main Illi MACDONALD ill Owl Drug Btdg pay hlghrit price for Liberty Benda WILL PAY more for any leaua at Liberty kendo Nathan'o Exchange 111 Ird auto repaim UNIVERSITY AVE GARAGE 9J9 Uni vrolty eve HUI till General ro Jlklng etoiwg Bargains In ells and Urea Tow car TOuiPARK'S AUTO REPAIR nun ranted ord repairing HH Logan AUTO REPAIRING etorage whlng Second St Gerage HU tn INDIAN MoforryeiM tea UrRnhart fth ant Merkel etreotR INDIAN motorcycle flret rlaM condition Call Hot actory 111! Ith JOHNSON Boiler Place tor ro llablo woA Ill Market lll BOOKS 1 WWlY HAvtli i zMV ni Hai SAmM vr wrf WMM I0ITN Mala 1 Ml Broadway Boaoe 4ML DIRECT SAILINGS to LOB ANGELES BANRAN0I8G0 SEATTLE Every Monday 10 and Wednesday 10 rnn BAN RAN0I800 dvU and return Effective Jnne lit Berth and Meals Included toPARYHSMT rriSin I AnuyS PWMY MOW Just wiser a offsiitoq mt jm Hair Moles Warta Aoaa Marisa Monroe Scrlpto lit furs and tanning ALASKA UR ur repaired exchanged told oa eommltoton CaM paid tor raw lure Taualag aad taxi ANQING hachELX Boglaner's claaa Monday advance elaaa riday private UMOn wim and Ith Main ll nd Mra Nlchelao Greaeh the axnononu ot modem ballroom bataL or appointment nil Maia 4799 DETECTIVE AGENCIES a Detective and patrol torvlc' Ilono bonSVd Hh Ml Timken btdg PLUMBING DANIEL A DEACON Ml ITH Sf BET AND MAIN HI HOME lilt RUBBER STAMPS BEALS DR DAILS MATYRNITY HOSPITAL i MM street Mato IM Dowatowa of nos reonw 111 14 Central Mortgage Bldg Hour 1 to 4 Mala Utt MUNsnlNN Maiornliy Hemo MM Pari blvd Hllloreet Mt Ratoo raaaoaablo McCuUoi lib aad Brach Medin aurekaL obotouca Mala till RHE NEEDS NEW GLASSES I REPAIR ROOPS paint 'em too Kirk Old Maid: I IM why than Hlllcret Mil 1111 Lincoln i horrid men bang a round on slraal RUG WEAVING jeoraers on viadr days BUG0 m4 mwd frM arpwtwmg ruv aa raetae Hug ua til mki cun waui AGS MqYOLES 99 99 Snll blcycla double bar vaad BIX wks 9 90 7 Broadway ONB INE BICYCLB ararhaaiad almoat naw 949 Market at BOATS HARNESS and SADDLERY RED KAHLE Ml et bet 1th aad Ith Repairing neatly done 141 Wr McCONNELIj hamvM puttees lrgrt line of btock eaddla Ml 4th ot CITY Carpet Cleaning Co Reaeoaablo rates good work Phoae Maia HI STEAM Carpet Cleaning Mrraa Mtg Co mm nTCM IHt SHELLS ohene for teufl lotil roaoeaabi pricra Broadwap BEADS Only exoturivebead Ih Pi i order reunited Bead Shop Mil Ith BEAUTY PARLORS CABRILLO BEAUTY PARLOR Haul aara Hairdreaaing Bbampoolns mKI and flehlp traatmanU Turkish 9t9am aleetria tub batbo and mam Cabrlllo thaatar Maia 9191 PJUNHNG Mate painting LaeraXTrietore PAINTING AND TINTING HILL IMI BHOP IHI TEXAS ST PATENTATTORNEYB A Petonta Irada marks and dratllag Ill Ualoa Blds MATTRESSES made like sow rntHd Stenderd ttff Co Oiienreooro Io Oar Steen prompt delivery Mala HU Mttreoa made aver like now Americas Mattrreo Wks ink and Illi Havb" ywup mattroaaaa made avar at Brad ya Bread way Mala 99K MIRROR MANUACTURERS MIRROR made to ardari old mirrara to Mlvarado Holla ca III Ith st iltf UNITED MESSENGER aad night phonoa 141 HI hom*o IHI PACIIC Day aad eight 444 at la baaement Hi IHt BRUCE 414 Central Mortgage Building Main IHI ATTORNEY AT LAW IwyerMdaa tary 1111 Ith at Phone Main I1M autos for hire 'WRECKING CAR gPECIALLY EQUIPPED ATYOUR SERVICE DAY DIAMOND GARAGE 'Ml HTH NEW 1IM orde with starter or That without drlvyr irst and AUTPAINTING Auto Av BATERe eor 14th AUTO RADIATORS Plonoor Auto Radiator Shop built to order: repairing IM IARO tualag aad rjmirm Owoa 4441 Hrant st HlUoreM MIX PRINTERS BOOKBINDERS ROM A OSO ROE 141 Ird at Hemo IHI Main RM PHYSICIANS a SURGEONS DR SANDER has moved hie cttlcee Mhratory end Electric Rooma io the Granger blk corner Ith and Broadway room 1 Bmergency Surgery aad Serum Treatmente room I Malo Complaiau reoma I 4 end I Electricity High rreguoacy and Vibratory Treatments room 4 Operating Room and emale Complatatt room 1 Nobulleer Threat Trentmoate room I oaone lahalailoa room I b'teriUntloa Room room II Labratory mm 11 Medicine Room room 11 CoreulUlhm Room LADY Nil RgES IN ATTBNDANC DR ISAACS baa returned trom Impotlai Valley now located at hie former lo cation Ill Ith ear Market oew erris' drug store DH GIBSON epeclllal te goalie' urinary dlraarae Hre 1 11 a I A 1 1 Suu 11 11 IM 44k MRS Dressmaking 145 Ith ot Phone Main 44 yTTCTRIOAL CONCRACTOlwnaNtTAN Cunningham Electrical Con amelor 111 Mth Hilt IMI ELECTROLYSIS HAWI BT Otiwii Sue aad Wed Conauliatloa dally liu SURGICAL HOSIERY TRANSER ETO EAVE uimoeereary aepnae sad worrR hauling by Henry Tranofer Ca Haul anything annkra algbi er gay sad Mb A Mth Ofc MOVED BOiCKCGSTSiSSr mwvZn Hick Trnfr iwM tortug rail WONDERLY Male UMALL 1111 tor eotlmate oa leeal aad long dlstaaoe hauHag LAWNMOWERS cleaned sharps" re paired Robinson's 114 Bdwy 1114 LADY WATCHMAKER ALL KINDS repairing gutckly gone work guaranteed Prices right IM ot KEYS Md L00K8MnnM KEY tor trunks grips Yale locks and auto 11H Ist Mala Illi (PROTRACTORS SATECKOUraad AB? BCKOLK Chiropractors Stevens A Hartley bldg wr goth aad University eve Palmer graduatre latret mothodaumployed no drugs nor violet ray nor electricity used Straight Chiropractic mothvda ree clinic Tuoaday and Thursday tor those unable to pay Take car marked No or 1 Ottlco hours I to 11 1 to or by appointment Hillcrest lug DR NELSON OAKLEY Chiropractor 111 114 Granger building Ith and Broadway maku a specialty ot apo cldc adjustings and when advloakla employe the Alpine sue lamp with ultra violet rays electricity with either tho high frequency or sinusoidal currants oxygen vapor tor bronchial atteclimu throat lungs and blood troubles Call Main 1141 tor appointment CHIROPRACTIC spinal adjustments of ters relist from ailments No medicine surgery pain Ralph Blond 401 Nat'l Bank bldg IMg nil Isaacs Chiropractor Osteopath Eloctrotheraphy REE CONSULTA TION Ill th Over Drug Store Main UK DR KIEER 111 irst Nat Bank Bldg MU Gives adjustments tor eye troubles Oxygon Vapor aad eay SHIRTS MAY I a fCX aiaAa a Main HA 11H Teat to st ZjyEWING MACNIXllg rtiUd an4 boVfhL topelrsd A Hope 1M gtV ul Zf MMWH Rn rm i I Za TO cSv la 1 i KJ WlUlA JM Z'oll 'Kl 1 ills If erAiifiBBSn" till Ea 4 EEjWWWmai8iwuriai 1 MMTigMaWMifME wTw1T ff nt trPTrfl 31 W1 a IKSQKSSfl IMH I 111 ujwsi wm 9 1As vr alt Bra fl Cotati 15TfaMDftjri il Rsid In jyrai i 11 i I to V' iwfi HI 4 I Mg MAW 1 1 ImUVm CM TOMd WtfPM VWt 1 moehmu Give "faM a J48 Ato ivrnia eiAin cMTtsr an wM rr fi 30 MttIMfO GW2 TOaerooa! mw gfW How could iPiofr I nw UBTf I fK9W 1 4 Au 1 tr tt ar 1 i iMaa IMM euj tf rv 1111 5 Asa etobtora nM lq a 1 Skf IPfrVAltE ENMEKHV BEWVEM aitv 1 rea A Kfl I I liM 1 aM I fg fa WJV 1 'IWlWWV A raar" nii sy llflll lX Bl i rmmnwmiwi I I III I Mil mJ LwimasUMgBMMMMMMMMMMBWBMBMlMMMMMaaMJ 11 rrr SABI DEEGCyS BUSWESS WORLD 1 rS a 11 i HI I Ml aillLlJ UU II IravTlMlr e'r Wh eg Week Now dL locatlea cor lath gad Broadway acto able ptaaia phone Mela 1441 oi I kse oeaaoraq 1 Xf I'd er aV jV y) mMBbi gQomi Maay ft Ifta bawMMa raeaftvat tsw I totad I 'w J7 1 RECKLES and mEiVDS By Blosser 1 I 'a to imSIIBM 'I "I I IMS I a II snugmiii LEAVE SAN DIEGO SM THIBD I 1:11 A StM lilt a tgg 1:10 a gg am' a Ml ggg A as 11:14 LXAVB LA JOLLA PHARMACY 1:1 A XL a 1:11 1:19 am 4:04 10:10 a 4:10 11:10 a 1:00 11:10 :00 1:1 1:0 Mil I Ata pm pm am LvSan Diego I tTool Ar Del Mar I 1:11 1:11 gg Ar Escondido ArLoe Angolra Hile gg Returning a pm pm1 pm Ar8an Plage Ii00 l04 gioj Daily except Sunday RISBTB City Paaaonger and Ticket Agent rewe i PKKWKK WHITESttR LGfs.

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