The Springfield Daily Republican from Springfield, Massachusetts (2024)

a a he a a a a 0 1 HAMPSHIRE FOLLY. Candidates Who Don't Carry the chine ladessem*nt-Why Not: Give the County Prisoners 4 Hard the Prohibitery Amendment Issue. county. WARE. From Our Special Correspondent.

NORTHAMPTON, Saturday, April More money Is being spent in this county in petty post-office rows than would carry or defeat the constitutional prohibitory amendment, The edict has gone forth that no need apply; that fitness for office, or the wishes of patrous of the office are secondary consideratious, and yet petitions are continually filed but. to no effect unless the "machine's" stamp 1 affixed. Congresswan Wallace is boving a bard time of it and this week transferred his. from Washington to Fitohburg in the hope of getting de little respite, but he will only get deeper the mire. Before he left for the city of "aspirations and disappointments" he promised to consider some of these postal questions upon business principles and be meant just what be said, 'but when he reached Washington and got into the whirl of politics he dropped his business methods and party behests took the Then ex-Congressman Whiting left.

a few, antin: isbed contracts. and legacies from Which there was no escape. Indeed, it is patent that Whiting is still blow or which it is difficult to say. This week Williamsburg people, bearing nothing from the Florence aud Amherst fights, are actually circulating petitions asking that Moses Brals, who bay done excellent service as postmaster and is generally to all parties, be re-appointed. They formed, that caroms when up the to facetious Wallace, as "Peter," he wrote alias from Washiugton, when be went down with the Home Market club, "just to put a flea in Lis ear," and hoarsely whispers that Beals is democrat, VOX populi will be cast to the winds.

That the Jameses are to gay is to become postmaster of "Burgy" Das been understood for a long time and the poor people may be Vanderbilted or not as they see fit. H. L. James, having the more comely and "ministerial beariug, is to have the honors, which he can carry with such sweet grace, while Lyman the. "practical" political member of the firm, is to do the work, draw the salary and have the office in his store, as it was before the wicked democrats came into power.

Mr James has started a petition also, but Beals will have by far the largest percentage of patrons of the office. Here is the way a leading republican senses the sit-' nation to-day: Many of us sign. for. Mr. Beals who do not like to antagonize Mr James but can't do otherwise on looking at the matter as uppartisan men and desiring the fair and aquare thing done after Mr Beals has lost his other business and serves us well it in this; and when ver changed simply goes 88 political pop and honor, for party work." Indeed, it is whispered that the firm have an eye on the Haydenville office, where they also have a store, and will soon make.

their wants and known. The Florence manufacturers are still wrestling with Mr Wallace, and the postoffice in that village is still without an off'cial head. Gen Otis, who unwittingly signed Branch's petition, bas been putting in big work for Parsons, and Wallace has indorsed Mr Parsons's petition, and the latter's friends are getting nervous because the nomination has not been made. Mr Kyle has been in Washington again for 10 days pulling wires right vigorously for Branch, but the party machine is' bigger than the people for the present. Word has been sent on from the ruling powers that if every man, woman and child of village, irrespective of party, should ask shat Branch, a democrat, be appointed, it could not be done.

Locally the republican party will get a black eye, whatever the outcome of this bitter and costly fight, but a few thick-beaded machine men either can't see it or don't care so long as they win in the present tight. At Leeds, they are going through the same foolish motions of asking that Warner, a democrat, be re-appoiuted. They might 23 well ask that Mill river be turned around. The change iu that place made so much feeling three years ago that a deal of the mail does nut go through the oflice. Warner may at well make his peace with Edson Ross, who formerly held the office, and.

let him have the fixtures at'a low tigure or throw them into the junk-pile. No dewocrats Deed apply this year, even if indorsed, as Couch is, by pretty much the whole faculty of Amberst college. There is some criticism going the rounds because Sheriff Ciark and the county commissioner do not provide some sort of labor for are senteuced prisoners to in hard the labor, county and Jail. They yet lowed to sit about the corridors and tell stories. Such a life is only a breeder of idleness and crime, rather" than 8 check to it.

In answer to these criticisms, Sheriff Clark shows a big bundle of correspondence to show that he has done what he could to provide employment and that be is not to blame. The state superiutendent of prisons has also been looking about and wrote only the other day that nothing could be found. So little 19 paid for canc-seating or harness work, and under the law, the couuty must pay for an instructor, while the work-shop being isolated from the main building would be expensive to beat, that the county would be out a considerable sum in trying to keep the few prisoners employed. Something way. be found In a few weeks, but there is nothing cortain about it.

The great blunder was when the jail was built in locating in such a thickly settled spot, where ground enough for a garden could not be found. Had it been built in connection with a comtortable farm the men could bave been employed advantageously to thewselves and with profit to the county. The Knights of Labor have sent iu protests against employing the men on the peuurious wages offered by contractors, and suggested scheme of keeping the men at work on the couuty roads. llow they could be kept at work on open roads without a company of guards, where they were to board when heyond reach of the jail, and bow much more expensive such a scheme would be to the county, were questious not answered by these gratuitous advisers. There is a poticeablo indifference and anathy upon the prohibitory amendment question which bespeaks a liglit vote on the 22d.

vocates First-class of the speakers are employed by the admeasure, fair audiences gather to listen and be entertained, but individual, hand-to-hand work is seen hut A few days, which may awaken tho. voters. little. There will be a little more- of a stir in The liquor Dicu and those who are antagonistic to the movement do not seem digposed to do anything, evidently resting in the belief that the amendment will be lost any way. The women are doing the In0st work, and are a continual thorn in the tienh of lukewarm prohibitionists who do.

not 'toe the mark. Over at Awherst, instead of importing speakers, local talent bag been employed with success. To-morrow Dight Rev C. H. Kimball of liolyohe is to speak upon this topic at the city hall, with Prof J.

H. Pillsbury to preside. Capt David Hill and J. Arthur Wainwright are to speak at Willother jamsburg rallies also bare in the been evening, arranged and through several Tho board of trade will meet at the district court-room to evening, aud will probably accept constitution and by-laws. The association have made a wise choice in G.

Gilbert as their president, a large manufacturer, and a thorough, go-ahead wan. The prime object of the ciation will be to encourage new industries locate in town. lt is considered by many that the cotton and woolen industries bave reached their highest pitch of prosperity. What The town most needs is an industry such as the Knowles pump works at Warren. There is also A good opening for a' boot and shoe factory.There are now four hase-ball teams in town.

The T. team was organized Friday aad would hike to cross bats with teams from 1 out of town whose average age is 15 years.E. Moulson, the Main street tailor who had his gold watch and chain stolen a few days ago, made 8 visit to Boston and returned with the missing Charles Hathaway, who was before. Judge Strickland Friday for an assault on Warden Perkins at the poor farm, was put under $300 bouds to appear at the June term of the crimibal court. Michael Collins of Warren paid $1 and costs for assault on a Jewish peddler.

BASE-BALL IN FRANKLIN COUNTY. Good Nupport at Turners Falls nad MilJere Fails- Methodist Pas. tor at Greendeld-A Sitting of Court-Sermous and Lectures. From Our Spectal Correspondent. Saturday, April G.

Judging from the preliminary games at Turners Falls and Millers Falls Fast day, lovers of the national game have plenty of enjoyable sport in prospect tho coming sea800. A meeting was held the other day at Millers Falls with delegates from Athol, Brattleboro and other places, taking the initiative steps toward the organization of a league made up of clubs in this vicinity, to insure two or three first-class games week through the summer. Nothing has beefi about getting up a strong team here In Greentield, for there is little material to build club upon, while the essential ingredient, plenty money, is wholly lacking. But Turhere Falls and at Millers Falls there aro plenty of wen who ure willing to contribute liberally to encourage such bealthy sport. At Millers Falls, Councilone, Gunn 1a the chief backer and he with others have put a nine in the tield which will make the chief rivals, the Turners Falls boys, bunt leather pretty lively to defeat again this year.

This club has been organized with the choice of E. L. Stockwell as president, Gavige E. Rogers secretary and treasurer, and E. W.

Brown manager. The Turners Falls team is backed by this organization: President, M. B. Allen; manager, A. Lamb; secretary and treasurer, F.

H. Brown; directors, Porter Farwell, 0. Crocker, Frank Marshall, James McAllister. G. Pefferle and Michael McAllister.

The opening games were attended by nearly people and were much enjoyed. No schedule of games has yet been arranged except that tho Millers. Falls team will soon gO off on a tour for a week with college and other nines. sermon at the Methodist to-morrow Rev G. M.

Smiley will oracle, his farewell and at the same time will baptize 12 persons and receive them the church. Of the 36 pastors who biato served this church. since its organizatiou, Mr Smiley is the second who bas stayed in town his full term of three years. There has been a larger gain lo membership, a larger salary paid, with greater gifts for general benevolence than during any previous pastorate for 20 years. Since he has beeu with the society an indebtedness of $2000 has been paid off and a $600 chapel has been built at the camp-ground.

lIe has- beeu especially active and useful in working among the young people, and has done much good 'service outside his own parish and through the county. Where ho will go from Greenfield not yet known, but it is rumored that more than one church in the vicinity of Boston has an eye upon this pushing young pastor; but a promineut churchman has said that if one or two of the churches in the vicinity of Springtield who have been coquetting with young men at the east end of the state understood mattery Inore fully, they would not overlook such good talent near at hand. Other prospective changes in connection with the Methodist conference include Orange, South Deerfield, Shelburne Falls, Charlemout, Heath, Rowe and perhaps Leyden and Coleraine. Nev. If.

Il. Paine of Sbelburno Falls has dove good work in that town and it is the wish of the people he nay return, but he way be called to a larger field. Ar Charlton, who has been for three years at Orange, is a hard worker and has secured a property for a church and parsonage site. Rev Ar Baird remains at Bernardston to complete biy term and Rev G. D.

Sanderson will remain at Conway. The supreme court will open its April sitting Tuesday, and while a lot of jurors have been summoned there will be nothing for thein to do, as there are but two cases on the list and these will be adjusted before Tuesday, so that the court will be more a matter of forin than anything else. Possibly thing way be said about the Randall murder case, which in justice to the boy and the public should have been tried long ago; but the continued sickness of Mr Bond is the reason that the case drags so. Capt Nickerson, successor to the noted Father Taylor in the Seamen's Bethel at Boston, will preach at the Second Congregational church to-morrow, in the absenco of the pastor W. Kenyon will lecture at Union to-morrow Clara C.

Hoffman of Missouri is to lecture on the probibitory' amendment at the opera-house Thursday night. -Rev G. M. Smiley will lecture at the White church in Deerfield, Monday evening on "The Golden Prof II. S.

Cowell Ashburnbam, formerly principal of Arms acadomy, will speak upon the amendment at Montague Wednesday ovening. THE DOWNS FINCH FAILURE. Creditors at Lons to Accoumt for the Firm' Condition. The chief subject of talk in trade at circles Now York yesterday was the failure Mesars Downs Finch, manufacturers. laundered shirts.

The firm had been weil known for its determined efforts to monopolize the trade in laundered shirts. It bad the price down so low that other manufacturers could not compete with them henco they did not possess the goodwill of the trade. The creditors anxious to find out what 0 0 has of the capital of $500,000 which the bankrupt firin clained (have all safe at the beginning of the Fear. It said that V. I.

Rothschild, the special partnor, who had $66,000 in the firm, maile quiries of Ar Downs in January concern10g the business, was told that 870,000 do profit bad been made during the yeur previous. Ten days ago Rothschild again asked concerning the business, and got come what similar answer. Nat satisfied with this he asked for a statement of. the condidoo of the firm, and was told have it next Monday. In the mean time the firm made an assignment.

When Messra Rothschild and Dreyfus became parthers ou August 1, 1886, it. was arranged Were to receive $10,000 a year 'for years and 6 per cent on.the capital, making $10,000 a year. An attachment was obtained by the Mechanics and Traders' bank for 000 against the firm. Assignee Miller went to the factories at, Jamesburg, Bordentown of and the firm Heightstown at these to points. look after C.o M.

the Finch business a 'Friday hud conveyed real estate, Thirteenth street valued at $100,000, the consideration being to Mrs Sarah Downs, the vrife of bis partner. RELIABLE AND ALWAYS THE SAME. 17 MONEY AND BUSINESS. 'BRANDRETH l'ILLS are the o.dest, safest best blood purifier and purgative known. purely vegetable, therefore harmless.

They are always the same and always produce the game effect. Otber purgatives require increased doses one or two of BRANDETH'8 PILLS taken each night and finally cease a acting altogether. A course is a positive care for constipation, headache all biiions dicorders. If you can't take them plain, get them sugar-coated. Money on call was casy at New York Saturday, ranging from 3 to last and closing offered at prime unercantile paper in fair demand from -out-of-town institutions, the city banks not yet being a position to buy, supply light and rates prac4.

SPRINGFIELD tically unchanged; 60' to 4 00-day, indorsed bills receivable four months' acceptfrom four to. months to run at 5a6 per ances lend good single Dames with cent; bar silver sterling exchange quiet but firm, with actual busiuers at for 60-day bills and for demand; posted rates $4.87 and governmont bonds dull and steady. Rail: road bonds were also active, the sales of 'all issues reaching 8875,000. The market displayed no special feature, however, and among the most prominent advances for the day were Jersey Central 5's 1 to Mackinac and Marquette laud grants to Houston and. Texas receipts.

1. to 76, Knoxville and Ohio firsts to Metropolitau firsts 1 to 116, New Jersey Jauction D'A 1 to 105, Central Pacino 6's of 1807, to 115 and Manitoba firsta to 119. A few bonds 101. The sales tho week were Were lower and International firsts lost 1 at $7,600,000 against $7,621,000 for the previous week. were activo.

The market opeped with a moderate volume of business aud first prices were from to per cout than the dual figures of Friday, but for nearly all the first hour there was no decided tone to the dealings while 3 general declining tendency. was 'The fluctuations were confined to the swallest fractions, however, in all but. a. few specialties. Tho principal interest in tho speculation was.

still continued Atchison, Missouri l'acitic, the grangers land Reading, and toward 11 o'clock Atchison, Burlington and Missonri" Pacino developed. inarked animation and strength, and the highest prices of the week genurally were reached, though the improvement in no case was for more than a point. The iasne of the bank statement chocked the buying and induced further sales for both sides of the aecount, and in the last few minutes of the session everything moved off, some stocks losing all the carly gains. 'The three leaders, however, were Well maintained, but the close was active and heavy to weak generally at but slight changes from figures, Highest and lowest priceopening Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe, 4553, Camerou Coal. Canada Southern, 63, 53: Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, Chicago and Last Illinois 4278, preferred, Cincinnati, Indianapolla, St Loula and Chicago, 1004; Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis, lucago and Chesapeake Ohio, 1048, let preferred, Colorado Coal, 284, 284; Consolidated Gas, Delaware and liudson, Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, 1364, 13018; Erie, 285, 184.

preierred, 68, 67; Hocking Valicy, Illinois Central, 111; Lake Shore, 1024, 102; Long Inland, Louisville and Nashville, 034, Memphis and Charleston, 60, tO; Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Westeru, 8142, preferred, 109; Michigan i entral, 87, 80 Missouri Pacific, Nashville and Chattanooga, 92, New Jersey Central, New York Central, 107, 107; New York and New England, 4 New York, Susquebanna and Western, 3144 Northern Pacitic preterred, 614 Northwestern, preferred, 139, Ohio and Miesissippi, Oregon Short Live, Oregon Improvement, 40, Oregon Navigation, 903, Oregon Transcontineutal, 3314, Pacife Mail, Reading. Richmond and W'est Point, 464, 26, preferred, Rock Island, 9234. 924; San rancisco, preferred, 674: St l'aul, 044. 637. prefered, 105, 10333; At Paul and Duluth.

34; Pt Paul, Minneapolis and Omaba, Tennessee Coal and Iron, 3713, Texas l'acite new, 20; Union 6148, 0158; Wabush preferred, 2014 Western Union, Wheeling and Lake Erie preferreu, Tue day's transactions aggregated 178,107 shares, including: Atchison, 24,000: Chicago, Burlington and Quiney, Missouri Pacitio, Northwest, Reuding, St Paul, 12,000. The clearings And balances at the Springfield clearing-house Saturday compared with the corresponding day last year 1888. Clearings, £244.431 $101.809 Balances, 84,273 01,817 YESTERDAY'S MARKETS. Boston. roads.

Colony Atlantic Pac 4'g 75 do 414'8 10834 car 181 do 1st 7'3 115., (Rutland pret 37. land grant 7's do 1st mort 6's 11214 Col 5'8 78 Vt Mass G's 1074 Poston Albany Wisconsin Central 17 Boston Lowell 161 do pref 34 Boston Maine 170 Telephone Companies do 7's 1115 American Bell 245 Boston I'rov 265 Erie pref G's 1054 Me Mexican 70-100 Bi, Lynn 148 New England Central Masa 104 Tropical 20 do pref 24 Manufacturing CompaCin San Cleve 26 nies, etc. Cleve Can Boston water-power 67 ('t l'ass Bostonland 61 rastern 61 196 do 6'; Great Fella do pref 120 Mas Cot Mills 1110 Fitchburg pref 05 Baumkeag Flint 1 pref San Diego land Lt Ft T's 101 West End land Mexican Ceu 13 do pref 86 do 4's Mines, Io8 Mon 35 do 7'g 1264 Calnmet Hecla 219 do C'8 Franklin do pret 1161 liuron 2 Northern Osceola 1158 Ogdens 8': 101 Quincy 50 do con 6'3 Tamarack 119 Neut Fort. Bonds. Louis Albany 41 US 4'8 reg Manhattan Beach do 4's coup Manhattan EI DG 8 reg 108 Ch CU do 41's comp 108 Metropolitan El 142 Pac 6's of '95 120 Michigan Cen 87 3-06's Mi, L8 ('anada So 2d3 14781 1 do pref 109 Central lac 1sts 1144g Minn 1sts do pref 14 Den G4'8 80 Pac, ROW 1sts 301 Mobile olio 10 1, So P' 1sts 8t; Morris Essex 160 Erie 2ds 10014 Nashville Chatt I' consols Central 9518 1 Ista (Den div) 11444 Ver folk pret 5014 M.K 'T gou G's.

53: Northern Pac do 6's Gt) do pref 6114 Mutual Union G's 103 NJ c*nt cert 11116 Central 1067 Northern l'ac 1sts 11814 V. St do 1141. do pref N'western consols 14518. Ohio Miss 213 N'wegiern Deb G's 111 do pret Or Nav 13t4 1114 Ontario West 1634 Or Trans 6'3 107 13 gen 6'8 82 Oregon Nay 004 gen in 119 tr-con 33 St Paul consols l'acitic Mall 37 St I', ('h Pists 118 Peoria, Dec Ev So Pac Cal Ists 11216 Pittsburg Tex J' tr rets Pullman var Tex PR terets Reading 4434 Union Pac 116 Rich Allog 1614 Shore ..100 Rich 26 Rock Island" Express Stocks. Rome, Wat 0g 081 Adams express 148.

Man F. 22 Alton, Til 44 do prof do pret. 90 do 1st pref 110 A exnress 112 St Paul 6372 Atlantic Pac do pret A 10414 Boston A pret ISt Min Man Butt, Ro P' Omaha 33 Eur, 20 do pref 94 Canada Pac Tenn coal Iron Canada Southern 526 Texas P'ac 20 Canton 4.0 Tol 0. Cen pref 01 Central Iowa 8 Union Pac 015, Central l'ac' 34 Ixpress 834 Ches Ohio, new 161 Utica River 123 do 2d ist pref, pref, new new 67 32 Wab, do prat 13 Chicago Alton 125 Wells Fargo 136 do wret 160 Western Union 86 (3 4 Wheeling Ch, St Silver Certs 941 do pref Am cotton oll Cin, Ham 75 Civ, San Cl 633. Chicago Ill Cleveland Col do pref Con coal 25 Atcluson 4 46.

('on gas' l'erny Coal :20 Del ludson Sugar trust Del Lack 13648 Oregon Short Line Tenn 104 I Den Texas certa 22 91 Mines. do 1st pret 63 Belcher 3.40 Erie do 2d pref 2168 Bullion 1.15 coal 28 do pre Con Cal Va Ft Wayne 143. (Crown Point 4.30 Hocking Valley Cristo 1.70 Jivuston Texas. 814 1 Illinois Central 1104 Hocking coal 18 Ind, MY 912 lionestake 8.25 Kansas Tex Mntual MI Co 1.20 Kingston Pem 27 84. Lake Erie 6.76 do urel do pref 36 Lake Shore 103 Sullivan con 1.55 Long Island V4 United Copper 1.55 Louis Nash 63 Produce and Provisions.

SUNDAY REPUBLICAN: APRIL7, 1889. 1 At Aluwaukee, four steady; wheat easy, corn Arm, No 3 oats steady, No 2 white rye quiet, No ley dull, No 2 580; provisions easier, pork lard $6.00. At St Louts, four steady, quiot; wheat unsettled, but closed Arm, No red No rye, No 3 in demand at 44 450; corp Arm, quiat, No 2 mixed ad a oats firm, barley, nothing dolng: whisky steady, provisions dull, pork 813; lard, prime steam nominully dry Balt meats, shoniders $6.20, lunes and ribs 6.06, short clear 0.55; bacon, boxed shoulders longs aud ribs 7.05, short clear 7.10@7.15; lams 00.75@12. a annah, Cotton: firm At at New 9 11-16; Orleans, at Arm at Charleston, 101cp quiet at Sat- and firm at 104; at Memphis, nominal at 1-16; at Mobile, Arm at 10. Castle.

At Chicago, cattle strong, higher, beeves steers 8.400 4.26, stockers and feedere 3.450 0 3.56, cows, bulls and mixed 1.50@ 3.40, hoys strong, higber, mixed. heavy 4.700 0.02½, light 4.8045.05. 304.60; sheep strong, natives $3.0. 05.50, corn-fed 446.80; lambs 4.60 SAUNDAY SERFICES. German Christian 'society incetings at South church chapel: At 3 p.m..

Kunday-school; WedneRday evening at 8 p. 11. Krbauungstunde. Carlisle mission: At 2.30 p. services led by F.

N. Merriam of the liartford theological college, foliowed Sunday-school. A cordial welcome to all. At 10.30 a. preaching by the at 11.45.

First Baptist church, d. C. Baldwin, pastor: communion; at 12.16 p. Bible school; 41030 p. praiso young service, people's prayer-inceting; at St Luke's Methodist Episcopal church chapel, corner Bay and Westinin-ter streets; G.

Virta, pastor: At 10.00 a. preaching by I'reding Elder G. F. Eaton; at 12 Sunday-school; at 7 p. prayer-meeting.

Church of the New Jerusalem, Maple At 10.30 preaching by Rev Stephen Jepson: at 12 chool; at 7 p. lecture on teachings of the Now Jerusalem regarding couversion." Scats free to all. Spiritualist meetings in Grand Arroy ball: At 2 aud 7 p. speaking by Alisa Erowa J. Nickersull, poems improvised 'on subjects from audience at close of each lecture; questions anawered if tricuds will ask them, under spirit guidance.

church: At 10.30 a. communion of the Lord's supper: at 12 111., Sunday-school; at 6 p. young lev people's theuting; at 7 preaching service, Dr George F. Eaton will speak on the prohibitory a.mendwent.. Church of the Unity, Rev.

Cuckson, pastor: At 10.50 a. m. and 7.30 p. diriue bervice with preaching by the pastor, pubjocta, moroing, Moral contrast; evening, "Revival 12 Sunday schoul All are cordially invited to the services. Florence-street Methodist Episcopal church, I1.

Matthews, pastor: At 10.30 1. communion and reception of probationers: at 12 Bible school; at 6.46 p. young people's meeting; at 7 1). public service, farcwell scrumou by the pastor. All are invited.

lope Congregational church, corner of State and Winchester streets, David Allen Reed, Rev Ralph W. Brokaw. pastors: At 10.30 R. preaching by Rev David Allen Recd; at 12 at p. preaching by Rev Ralph W.

Brokuw. a Highland Baptist church, corner of State and Stebbina Iter ticorzo W. Quick, pastor: At 10.30 d. m. and 7 p.

service: with preaching by Rev S. If. 1'ratt. Rev Dir Pratt is accompauled by Birdsall. the singer.

Seats free. You are cordially invited. Eastern-avenue Congregational church, Rev Edwiu I. Byncton, pastor: at 11 a. preach.

ing by Rey W. F. Warren; at 12.15 p. Sundayschool; at 7 p. preaching by the pastor with reception of members and tue sacraments of baytism and the Lord's supper.

Come, Grace Methodist Episcopal church, Rev W. J. fleath, pastor: At 10.30 a. public service with communion; at 12 Bible school and YOUDA men's class: at 6.30 p.m., young people's mectat 7.30 p. evening service with snort sermon.

Feats free. All are welcome. "Memorial (Union Evangelical) church, junction of Main and I'lainfeld streets, HeY John L. I Trask, pastor: At 10.30 me, preaching by the pastor; at 12 funday-school; at 0.30 young people's meeting; at 7.30 p. service of praise with brief sermon by the pastor.

All are welcome. Christ church. Chestnut street, near State street. Rev John C. Brooks, 'rector: At 9 a.

Lenten adinin stration of holy communion; at 10.30 a. ul. morning service, followed by adm. nistration of boly communion; at 3 p. Sund.

at 7.30 p. evening service. Strangers will be cordially welcomed. North church, Saiem street, Rey F. Barrows Makepcare, rastor: At 10.30 a.

preaching by the pastor; at 12 Sunday-sebool; at, 6 p. pastor's hour; at 6.30 p. young peopie's fociety for Christian endeavor; at 7.300 ps vening worship, chorus choir, attractive music and address by the pastor. Trinity Methodist Episcopal church, Bridge street, near Main, Rev Wallace McMullen, paxtor: At 10.30 a. communion and reception members; at 12 -school; at p.

young people's mecting; at 7 p. preaching by the pastor, subject, "The p.rohibitory amendmeut." A cordial welcome to all. Carew-street Baptist church, Rey Willard E. Waterbury, pastor: At 10.30 a. preaching by the pastor; at 12 Sunday-school; at 3 p.

Lord's supper: at to p. children's service; at 6 p. young people's meeting; at 7 p. gospel service with An address by the pastor. A cordial welcome to all.

Seats free. Come. South Congregational charch, corner Maple and High streets, G. Buckingbam pastor, Rev Edward G. Seiden, associate and actire.

pastor: At 10.30 a. preaching by the active pastor; at 12 Sunday-scbool; at 4 p. meeting of Wide Awakes; at 6 p.m., practical talk to young converts; at 6.30 p. eociety of Christian endeavor. Stato-strect Baptist church, State strect, opposite Dwight street.

Hey W. H. P. Faunce, pastor: At 10.30 a. public worship with preaching by the pastor: at 12 Bible school: at 3 p.

Lord's supper; at 6.30 p. young people's luceting; at 7.30 p. 10., evening service in the audience-room, with preaching by the pastor. All aro wolcome. First church of Christ, Court square, Rev Dr Burnham, pastor: At 10 a.

prayer-meeting in the chapel: at 10.30 a. service with preachiug by tho pa-tor; at 12 Sunday -school and Bible class; At 3.30 p. meeting for young Christians in the chapel: from 7 to 7.20 p. evening praise service: at 7.30 p.m., preaching by the pastor. seats free.

St Paul's Chestnut and Bridge streets: At 10.80 a. and 7.30 p. 110., preaching by the pastor, Rev Marion Crosky, morning subject, "The Church. the Foundation and the evening subject, "secret No cities: Are they in the way? How cau charity be dispensed to the Lest ut 12 Sunday-school; at 6.30 p. young people's Banking and financial W.

S. LAWSON CO, BANKERS AND BROKERS. Members New York, 'Boston and Philadelphia Stock Exchanges. 49 EXCHANGE PLACE, NEW YORK, 14 EXCHANGE PLACE, ROSTON. Stocks, Bonds, Grain and Provisions bought or sold for cash on margin.

Private wires to Boston; Philadelphla and Chicago. INTERNATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, 40 MILK COR. DEVONSHIRE BOSTON. 9 CAPITAL, $500,000.00. SURPLUS, $400,000.00 DIRECTORS.

John M. Graham, William W. Crapo, William Gladin, John Goldthwait, Robert M. Morse, Warron B. Potter, William P.

Parker, William A. Haskell, P'. A. Collins, John C. l'aige, Thomas F.

Temple. JOHN M. GRAHAM. HENRY I. JEWETT, Secretary.

Authorized to accept and execute Trusts under Wills or otherwise. Legal Depository for Administrators, Erecur tors, trustees, Guardians and courts of Larr. INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS sub ject to check, receivable through the Clearing house. hegistrars and Transfer Exchange on London for El and umrard, Cable transfers mada Medical Advice. CURE FOR CROUP.

This alarming and often fatal disease of young children frow two to ten years of age is only one form of a disease liable to occur among adults, when it is known as Laryngitis, or of more or less severe inflammation of the mucous lining of the larynx, The most terrible result from membraneous croup 18, that the irritation produced by this false membrane often' causes spasmodic contraction of the muscles surrounding the glottis or opening, which admits air to the windpipe sufticleut to nearly close the opening, when death ensues from strangulation (same as in diphtheria), as surely as if a strong man had a grip upon the child's throat. -The result to attain in treating croup 18 to promptly allay the indamration and irritation, and loosen the false memPrane, so as to prevent "spasmodic contraction," after which to expel the membrane. 'Tue drat two results Johnson's Anodyne Liniment attains, as nothing else When awakened in the night, inix at two teaspoontula of the Liniment with two tablespoonfuls of water, swectened, and give one teaspoonful. of the mixture every five minutes, bathing the throat and chest with the Liniment between times, until the child breathes easily. As soon as possible have some hot waterand wring funnels from it, and lay across the throat and chest, repeating as often us needed to keep them hot as can be borne.

As soon. as breathing la made easy, and tho child out of danger, aD effort should be made to expel the meinbrane luatter. If the child is not old enough to throw it off by coughing, the best is to give a dose of fiftenn to twenty drops of syrup or wine of ipecacuanba, to be repeated in fifteen minutes. Continue the use of the Linipient once or twice each day, for two or three days, keeping the child indoors. Jn cold, damp, changeable ellinates, the (acase will return again; therefore always keep Johnson's Anodyne Liniment within reach.

1c Know mothers who would no sooner go to bed without a bottle at hand than without matches or fire in the house. No matter how well you know ting medicine, it will pay you to send to I. 8. Johnson Co, Boston, for a pamphlet free, just to learn bow to usa the Liniment economically. A than a balf bottle the some people use it.

teaspoontul properly used will often do more good Aledical. ELY BROTHERS, Warren street, New York. C. CHICHESTER'S ENGLISH PENNYROYAL PILLS. Red Cross Diamond Brand.

Original, best, only genuine and reliable pill for sale. Never fail. Ask for Chichester': English Diamond Brand, in red metallic boxes, sealed with blue ribbon. At druggists. Accept no other.

All pills in pasteboard boxes, pink wrapper, are a dangerous counterfeit Send 4c. (stamps) for particulars and Relief for Ladies," in letter, by return mail. 10,000 testimonials from ladles who hare used them. Name paper. CHICHESTER CHEMICAL CO, Madison Phila, Pa PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM Cleanses and the hair.

Tromotes a lux riant growth. NEVER FAILS TO RESTORE GRAY HAIR TO ITS YOUTRPUI. COLOR. 1'revents Dandruff and Hair falling. and at Druggists'.

TADIES' home treatment for prolapsus uteri, $1. Read descriptive book free by J. D. VINTON, M. 906 Race st, Pa.

To Let- Miscellaneous. ROOM. ONE HANDSOME OFFICE ROOM, No 6, to let in the new Republican building. THE REPUBLICAN Counting Room. TO RENT ON Half of farin of 100 acres of good Connecticut valley land with buildings and stock.

Small addition of neat stock needed. References desired. Audress at once FARMER, Republican office. SBSBSBSBSBSBSBSB SULPHUR BITTERS. A BITTERS.

SULPHUR BITTERS. SULPHUR BITTERS. THE BEST AND PUREST MEDICINE EVER MADE. It will drive the Humor from your acd make your skin clean sinooth. Those PIMPLES and.

BLOTCHES which IDAr your beauty are caused by impure blood, and can be remored in a abort time, if you are wire and use the great blood purifier, SULPHUR BITTERS. What makes you tremble so? nerves all unstrung. and need a gen. tle, soothing tonic to assist nature DON'T to repair the damage hich excesses have, caused. GIVE BITTERS is NOT a cheap Rum or, poor Whisky drink, to be taken by: UP! the class, like other preparations, which stimulate only destroy.

Why with boils? Why rave with that terrible headache? Why lay and toss on that bed of pain, with If you bare failed to receive any benefit from or her medicines or doctors, do not pair. SULPHUR BITTERS They will cure you where all others fail. No person can remain long sick who uses SULPHUR BITTERS. The dose is small- only a teasponfnl. is the best and cheanest medicine.

Try it, and you will be satisfied. Get it of your druggist -Don't wait, SULPHUR get it at once. If you are sufferfrom Kidney. Disease, and BITTERS wish to tire to old age, use SOLPACE BITTERS. They never fall to cure.

Send three 2-cent stamps to A. P. Ordway Co, Boston, Masa, for best medical work published, finely illustrated with colored plates from life. BSBSBS BSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBS SICK HEADACHE, SICK HEADACIIE, SICK HEADACHE. CARTER'S THESE POSITIVELY LITTLE CURED PILLS.

BI LITTLE They from also relieve Distress Dyspepsia, IndigesLIVER tion and Too Hearty Kat; ing. A perfect remedy for PILLS. siuess, Dizziness. Bad Nausea, laste in Drow- the Mouth, Conted Tongue, Pain in the Side, oto. They roculate the Bowels and prevent Constipation and l'iles.

The smallest and easist to take. Only one pill a a a dose. 40 in a vial. Purely vegetable. Price 25 cents, CARTER MEDICINE CO, Prop'ra, New York.

ELY'S CATARRH. CREAM BALLI ELY'S Cleanses the Nasal CREAN BALM. Passages, CURES Allays Pain, and infam- COLD IN HEAD, mation, CATARRH. ROSE-COLD, Heals the Sores, HAY FEVER DEAFNESS. Restores the Senses of HEADACHE.

Taste and Smell. EASY TO USE. PRICE 50 CENTS. LLY BROS, N. U'.

S. TRY THE CURE. A particle is applied into each nostril and is agreeable. Price 60 cents at Druggists'; by mall, registered, 60 cents. farm and Garden.

you order your Flower Seeds and Vegetable Seeds send to CHARLES L. BURR of this city for his free Price List. Lost. and found. AL LOST pocket-book Saturday containing afternoon.


This medicine bas direct action upon the nerve centers, allayiug all irritabilities and. increasing the Dow power of nerve fluid. It is perfectly harmless and leaves no unpleasant effects. our PAMPHLET for sufferers of nervous dis. cases will be seut FREE to any address, and patients can alsQ: obtain this medicine FREE of charge from us.

Tuis remedy has been prepared by the Reverend Pastor Koenty of Fort Wayne, Ind, for the past ten years, and is now prepared under his direction by the KOENIG MEDICINE CO, W. Madison cor. Clinton Chicago, IlL SOLD BY DRUGGISTS. In Springtield by T. E.

MASTERS, Druggist, 136 Main, Corner Cypressst. Price $1 per Bottle. 6 Bottles for $5. Banking and Financial. 'ABSOLUTELY L.

SAFE INVESTMENTS. Guaranteed Mortgage Bonds, 7 and 8 per cent. Interest and principal remitted promptly without expense to lender. Twelve years' experience, millions of dotiars loaned for our customers, and not an individual has lost a dollar, bolds a farm takep by foreclosure, or. an overdue unpaid coupon.

CHARLES A. STILLMAN, 231 Main Established Springfald, and 1877. CORDLEY CO, Bankers, 329 Main Springtield, H. H. SKINNER, Manager, Members New York, Boston and Chicago Stock Exchanges.

Our direct private telegraph and longdistance telephone wires insure prompt and reliable service and constant quotations. Local telepbone No 30-2. Commission orders in listed securities for investment or on margin exeouted in all markets. High grade investments always on hand. Correspondence inrited.

Boston office 121 Devonshire New York 10 Wall st. OHIO MORTGAGES $1000 SECURITY--CASH VALUE $2500. 1300 3200. 2000 4000. The abore mortgages with insurance assigned are for sale.

Heterence to National Banks furnished in every instance. Prompt payment of interest guaranteed. Why go far west when you can get gilt-edge toons near home. For full information address SEAGRAVE BROS, Toledo, Ohio: ELECTRIC SECURITIES. THOMSON HOUSTON ELECTRIC CO STOCK.



8 PER CENT. FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS of Electric Compales, suitable for Trust Funds, paring 6 PER CENT. 6 PER CENT. 6 PER CENT. 6 attended Correspondence to.

by mail or otherwise promptly R. D. WILSON CO, 113 Devonshire BOSTON, Room 21. fiorses and Dehicles. HORSES Stable Have a on few Emery good drivers all from at northern New York.

A. G. HALL FOR seats. SALE -A J. B.

carriage COOMES, 15 with Lilian -shifting st. FOR single strap harness and -A piano-box driving horse, carriage. F. L. CHILDS, Westfieid, Mass.

STANDARD between CABS 7 a. m. -The and best 10 in p. use within these limits: East, Oak street; soath, Mill river; and north, Hooker street; weddings and parties are riding, $1 per hour. Hacks, single and doable turn-outs, four-horse barges for parties.

Telephone. E. C. ROBINSON, Massasoit Stables. FOR extra nice SALE- ones.

-Concord Buggies. A few new Canopy-top carriage, nice one; also good family carriage. Horse not afraid of cars or bicycle. Sccond-hand buggy, business wagon and phaeton, two second-hand single harnes. A.

C. CHANDLER, 580 State or carriage-shop, Charter ave. the Largest and Finest Stock of Grocery and Delivery Wagons to be found in the city, at prices that cannot he found elsewhere. Also Concord Buggies, Two-Seated Open Spindle Buggies, Backboards, Farm Wagons and Road Carts. I have a large stock of tine Carriages that have been carried over, that 1 will give you a bargain on to close them out.

Harnesses, Robes and Blankets at bottom prices. 28 Harrison in from Patch's Stable. D. N. BUTTERWORTH.

Auction Gales. A UCTION Property In SALE. Massachusetts. OF THE have fully BEST decided to close out my business in Holyoke. 1 shall sell my brick blork situated on the west side of High Nos 149 to 153, at public auction ou Saturday, April 13, at 10 a.

to the highest bidder without reserve, as failing health and a too close to business make a change desirable. A large part of the purchase money can remain on mortgage at a low rate of interest. Said block 19 about 42 feet front by 96 feet deep, 3 stories high, front and in thorough repair. Never has lacked for a tenant since I built it 14 years ago. Has an annual rental of $2500.

Terma: $200 at the time of sale and the balance to be adjusted in 10 days from the delivery of the deed. I will also sell my hoot and shoe business at a fair price; established 20 years ago; annual busineas nearly $40,000, has averaged $40,000 last 15 years; stock about $13,000. For further particulars inquire of C. A. CORSER, Holyoke, Mass.

for Sale Miscellancons. A SALE Chestnut Fencing. GrapeVine, or Clothes-line Posts, Nos 1 and 2, Refuse Post Plank. Timber, cheap. BARTHOLOMEW, South-end Saw-mill.

Educational. F. W. Teacher of BATCHELDER, PIANO, ORGAN, HARMONY and COUNTERPOINT. Address TAYLOR'S MUSIC STORE, Springfield.

F. P. rison ave. NUTTING, and Thompson Violin Park's Teacher, Music 34 Store HarMonumental Works. Barre and Souhegan Granite Monuments and Tablets.

Now and Original Designs furnished. C. J. SHORT CO, 135 State st. 186 AND 188 STATE STREET.





Hon CHAKLES E. CooX, Ex-Asst. U. 8. Treas.


FRANK: N. WEDGE, of the firm of Grifth Wedge Co, Zanesville, 0. amount of the Treasury stock to compicte their Directors decided sell a small one extensive to take mill. the In risk of doing so we are not asking any coming into an undeveloped enterprise: The amount of ore is unlimited, there is nearly 30,000 tons on the dumps. A mill being built and well on the way, it will be finished about July, and according to four of the beat experts in the country, will pay very large: interest on the CAPITAL STOCK.

The Directors are not asking the public to do what they have not done They bave thoroughly satin themselves of the value of the mines, and have expended upward of two bundred thousand ($200,000) dollars, in machinery and development of the mines. A large portion of the stuck was taken in Now York and Boston, by men who have seen the mines and know the country. NOTHING SHORTOF AN EARTHQUAKE CAN MAKE A FAILURE OF THIS. The Stock will be sold until April the 20th, anless previously disposed of, at $3 per share. It will then be sold at $5 per share.

No certificates will be issued for less than twenty-five shares. This Stock is Listed on the Stock Exchange and Registered at the Atlantic Trust Co, N. Y. MAKE CHECKS OR DRAFTS payable to R. H.

WHITNEY CO, 48 CONGRESS STREET, BORTON. fonsehold Supples. PEERLESS DYES ARE THE BEST.Sold by druggists, Travelers' Guide. BALTIMORE AND OHIO R. R.

FAST EXPRESS TRAINS Via PHILADELPHIA, to BALTIMORE, WASHINGTON, CINCINNATI, ST LOCIS AND CHICAGO. Pullman Car Service on all Trains. Leave NEW TORE, foot of Liberty street, CHICAGO. 2.30 p. 12 midnight.

For CINCINNATI and ST LOUIS, 8.30 a 4.40 mu. For WASHINGTON, BALTIMORE, WILMINGTON and CHESTER, 8.30 a 11 a 1.30 2.30 pm, 4.45 In, 12 midnight. All trains (except 11 a ran daily. For tickets and Pullman Car space call at 'B. and 0.

ticket office, 241 Main street and Depot ticket office New York, New Haven and Hartford railroad, Springfield, Mass. Bargage checked to all destinations. W. M. CLEMENTS, CHAS.




Trains leave station Central Raflroad of Now Jersey, foot Liberty North river, New York. For Washington, Baltimore, Wilmington and Chester 8.30 a 11 a 1.30, 2.30, 4.45 12 night. SUNDAYS 8.30 a 1.30, 2.30, 4,45 12 night. For Philadelphia at 4, 7.45, 8.30, 9.30, 11 a 1.30, 2.30, 3.16, 4, 4.45, 5.30, 7.30,12 SUNDAYS 8.30, 9.30 a 1.30, 4.45, 6.30, 12 m. Tickets and Parlor Car Seats can be procured at.

F. Guan's ticket office and at depot ticket office, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, Springfield, Mass. New York Office, 415 Broadway. Baggage checked to destination. Allan, Cunard.

National, French, BROS, Agents White Star, InWarren and Red Star Line Steamship Companies. Drafts from £1 upward. Cabin and steerage passage lowest rates at 269 Main st, Springfield. Mass. PACKET CO.

The new twin-screw express steamer AUGUSTA-VICTORIA, of 10,000 tons and 12.500 horse-power, will leave New York for SOUTHAMPTON and HAJIBURG, MAY 23 AND JUNE 20. Apply to C. B. RICHARD CO, General Passenger Agents, 61 Broadway, New York. ALEXANDER PABKE, Springfield, Mass.

ANCHOR LINE. ATLANTIC EXPRESS SERVICE. LIVERPOOL VIA QUEENSTOWN. Steamship "CITY OF ROME" from New York WEDNESDAY, May 1, May 29, June 26, July 24. Saloon Passage $00 to $100.

Second Class $30. GLASGOW Steamers every Saturday from New York to GLASGOW AND LONDONDERRY. Cabin l'assage to Glasgow, Londonderry or Liverpool $00 and $60. Second Class $30. Steerage passage, either service, $20.

Saloon Excursion Tickets at reduced Rates. Travelers' Circular Letters of Credit, and Drafts for any amount issued at lowest current rates. For Books of Tours, Tickets or furtber information Apply to HENDERSON BROTHERS, New York, or F. T. 'GUNN, 241 Main Springticid.


CHATTAHOOCHEE, S. NACOOCHKE, S. S. CITY OF SAVANNAH. Unsurpassed accommodations; Arst-class table a d'hote.

Steamerg leave New York for Savannah every. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 3 p. m. from New Pier 35 North River (font of Spring street). Connections: Waycross Short Line.

Central R. R. of Georgia. For freight or passage address 3 R. L.

WALKER, Agent, New Pier 35 N. New York. 4. F. L.

GUNN, Ticket Agent, Springfeld. SHORTEST AND QUICKEST ROUTE FOE PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE AND WASHINGTON. tr BOUND BROOK ROUTE, Via Central R. R. of New Jersey, Philadelphia and Reading R.

and Baltimore and Ohio. K. 1t leave foot of Liberty street, N. R. For Philadelphia at 4, 7.45, 8.30, 9.30, 11.00 a.

1.30, 2.30, 3.15, 4.00, 4.46, 5.30, 7.30, 12.00 SUNDAYS, 8.30, 9.30 a. 1.30, 2.30, 1.45, 6.30, 13.00 p. m. For Baltimore and Washington daily at 12.00 (11.00 except Sunday) 1.30, 2.30, 445, p. m.

Connecting tickets are on sale at principal pointe in New Eagland. Parlor or sleeping cars on all trains. -4 ,1 4.

The Springfield Daily Republican from Springfield, Massachusetts (2024)


What was Springfield MA originally called? ›

Springfield was founded in 1636 by English Puritan William Pynchon as "Agawam Plantation" under the administration of the Connecticut Colony.

Who owns Springfield Republican? ›

It is owned by Newhouse Newspapers, a division of Advance Publications.

What is special about Springfield Massachusetts? ›

Springfield, MA is the birthplace of basketball and home to Dr. Seuss, offering a rich history and vibrant cultural scene for visitors to explore. With its “City of Firsts” title, Springfield boasts a diverse array of attractions, from museums and parks to iconic landmarks and entertainment venues.

Who are the founding fathers of Springfield MA? ›

William Pynchon and a company of six men from Roxbury, a town near Boston, established Springfield in 1636 at the junction of the Agawam and Connecticut Rivers.

What language do they speak in Springfield MA? ›

While about two-thirds of Springfield's population primarily speaks English at home, it is an important reality that 23.9 percent of Springfield's population speaks Spanish at home and another 7.5 percent speak another language at home.

What is the racial makeup of Springfield, Massachusetts? ›

Download Table Data
RacePopulationPercentage (of total)
Black or African American31,87420.52%
Two or more races28,73218.5%
Other race18,04811.62%
3 more rows

Who owns hot table in Springfield MA? ›

Hot Table was founded in 2007 by brothers John and Chris DeVoie and restauranteur Don Watroba in their hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts.

What was the federal arsenal in Springfield? ›

Springfield Armory was established as the Nation's First Federal Arsenal. The Armory was a leader in the development of interchangeability, technological innovations of firearms, mechanization and specialization in precision manufacturing, and the production of small arms.

Who owns Springfield Underground? ›

The Erlen Group is a family-owned group of companies, with assets like the Springfield Underground, Cold Zone, the Frisco Building and Lime Light Development, a developer of industrial parks and warehouses in southwest Missouri, according to the company website.

Is Springfield MA a good city to live in? ›

Located along the Connecticut River, Springfield is one of the best places in New England for young professionals, families, and retirees to settle down.

Is Springfield MA expensive? ›

What's the cost of living in Springfield, MA? Springfield is affordable Compared to other east coast metropolitan areas like Boston and New York City. Housing tends to get more expensive the further from the city center you go. The city's median home sale price is lower than the national median.

What is Springfield Massachusetts sister city? ›

Group from Springfield's Sister City of Takikawa, Japan Visit the City: City of Springfield, MA.

Which president was from Springfield? ›

Abraham Lincoln matured from a young man and private citizen into the President-elect during his 24 years in Springfield, Illinois. His upbringing in rural Kentucky, southern Indiana and the Illinois prairie shaped him. In 1831, at 22, Lincoln moved to New Salem, Illinois.

Where did Springfield get its name? ›

Historically, the first American place named Springfield was Springfield, Massachusetts, founded in 1636 by William Pynchon. An early American colonist, Pynchon named Springfield after his hometown in England, Springfield, Essex.

Which founding father was born in Massachusetts? ›

On January 17, 1706, Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

Why do they call Springfield Queen city? ›

Springfield earned the nickname “Queen City” as a major hub of culture and commerce in the Ozarks. Our Queen City Garden is a major hub of ornamental flowers and the wildlife it attracts through the seasons.

Is The Simpsons set in Springfield MA? ›

Creation. The fictional city of Springfield was intended to represent "Anytown, USA", and not be derived from any specific real-life location.

Why are so many towns named Springfield? ›

Most of these towns are named, directly or indirectly, for Springfield, Massachusetts, an important American manufacturing center during the nation's first century.

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