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Page' ive THE UNIONIST riday June 6 1952 A of Orders Mobile Unit Getting Patronize Our Advertisers Jr BUYU DEENSE BONDS ack JOYCE LUMBER CO WHITE PINE INISH And Commoa Boards 5170 CENTER Omaha Nebr mnd eaMfor all ages CREAM Lineal eet We Cany a Complete Line of HOME AND GARDEN TOOLS Voters to Register St The local chapter of League for Political Edu cation is sponsoring a mobile unit JAMES ANDREWS OD DOCTOR OPTOMETR Room 519 Securities Building (Take Elevator to Mb loor) Corner 16th and arnam AT 0757 Hours: 9:00 to 5:30 NO APPOINTMENT NEC ESS ART irst IN AVOR Best IN LAVOR Combats musty odors Retards mildew mold rust and will absorb excej live dampness Clean and odor less junn nit 2M Grada As Low As i We Carry a Complete Urie of PITTSBURGH PAINTS RED CEDAR JOINT 'Vertical Bldlnr Bert Grade Available for th Raneh and Modera tjpa Rome COMPLETE STOCK "I DELICIOUS DAIRY PRODUCTS Ornamental Steel Clothes Line oils lorflo Arm 4 Llna Capacity A Wall Iracod 9 ftl Overall each Charter Check Boston An Investigation 4 into the' issuance of charters in New York City by local representatives Here's Your Answer to Damp Basem*nts AIR DRYER Kiln Dried 1x6 Lap Siding Tools for Carpenters Plumbers Stone and Brick Masons Plas terers Auto Mechanics and Sheet Metal Workers LORIG 2418 STREET Adjustable loor Level Post UR STORAGE DUNDEE LOWER SHOP PROMPT DELIVERY "lowers Wired Anywhere" 108 NORTH 50th STREET Phone WAlnut 2442 See Joyce and SAVE! YOUR HOME BUILDING PROBLEMS ARE OUR BUSINESS ULLBRIGHT CHANGE CAN RUIN WALSH HEALEY ACT The proposed ullbright amend ment to the Walsh Healey Act covering contracts let by the gov ernment would so weaken the act to make it completely ineffec tual Walter Mason member of the AL national legislative com mittee told the Senate Banking and Currency Committee The Walsh Healey Act was en acted in 1936 to permit the gov ernment to protect minimum la bor standards Mason reminded the committee Untenable Position "Until the" passage of the Walsh Healey he continued "the government was in the untenable position of having to award con tracts to firms who were able to make the lowest bld precisely be cause they paid subminimum wages and maintained intolerable working condijions for their em Mason asked whether this was the time to propose such changes even if they were good "Is this the time to undo the progress of the last 16 he asked "Should the Congress in the midst of a tremendous defense effort single out low paid workers and say to them that the government Is no long er interested In protecting them against substandard conditions? this tremendously ckward step is being proposed as legislation to facilitate the de fense program It Mason continued the very pur pose for which we are'Undertak i Ing the 'defense mobilization No Justification American ederation of Labor believes there is no: justi fication whatsoever for the adop tion of these proposals to destroy the Walsh Healey Act fJKou are being urged io take hasty action on a matter which affects the welfare of millions of American workers without having been given an opportu nlty to give the matter any real Jy serious or thorough consid eration believe that the Walsh Healey Act has been administered in a fair manner without special favor to labor and certainly with out any discrimination against employer If anything we believe that the secretary in administer ing the act has in a number of In stances deprived low paid work ers of the standards towhich they were COMPLETE STOCK DOUGLAS IR DIMENSION 'r ft ihmih ft COMPLETE STOCK INE LYWOOD: ChalM ol ir WMt la Btrrt arriman Says deader Needed Boston Averell Harriman before rthe Executive Coun cil of the American ederation of Labor here to explain why he is waging an all out campaign to win the Democratic Presidential nomination He said the welfare of the na tion requires a leader in the White House who appreciates the: full gravity of the international situa tion and the need of maintaining liberal and progressive policies on the home front AL President William Green told a press conference later that Mr Harriman expressed opposi tion to the Taft Hartley Act and called for enactment of a new law which would be fair to workers and employers alike Mr Green said that Mr Harri man neither askedfor nor was given an endorsem*nt from the AL An investment of good will and honest work can always be count ed on to bring good interest Joyce Always Has The Best Grade Lumber and Home Building Supplies our election board officials man the unit It is parked on a busy street corner and is avail able to all citizens regardless of their city residential address The election board has invited the League of Women Voters the Chamber of Commerce service clubs and other organizations to follow lead in promoting good citizenship EYE GLASSES CONTACT LENSES i Latest Style Glasses Complete Optical Service kjune is Dairy Month we are cooperating KAiUHS4IUMtUNS 1 CwaMni dresher brothers J2W fcrw 1 Caff AT 0345! GL 8600 XV1A tauvu A9 of two international unions was to register voters ordered by the ArL executive Council Charges were submitted to the council that a number of local charters were issued without re gard' to jurisdictional limitations and in some instances to men suspected of racketeering connec tions AL Secretary Treasurer Geo Meany will head the Investigating committee which also includes Vice Presidents David Dubinsky and William Mcetridge The Committee wilt report back to the Executive Council at its next meeting August 11 AHAMO AUXILIARY 2 By Mrs Donald Voelte (Printers) Our president Mrs Beals is in 1 St Joseph hospital She will be there the fest of the week for ob servation Everyone is wishing a speedy recbvcry Mrs Blanche Blair our regu lar correspondent has been suf fering from a bronchial cold the past two weeks Mrs Raymond Parkel of Ar kansas City Kansas sister in law ot Mrs Blair visited her the past week Mrs Archie brother in law Mr Hill passed away last week Our sympathy is extended to the Wiggins family Mrs Hill will make her home with the Wig gins for the present JoAnn and Everett Yates ar rived from California last week Everett will leave for Georgia for training in the Paratroopers June 16 Mrs our In ternational third vice president fell and fractured her hip Mrs: Manning been suffer ing from a virus infection the past week She is feeling better now forget the demonstration to be held at the Two Ten Build ing June 26 Tickets are bn sale now' Call your riends'and plan to attend Mr and Mrs John Novak and family spent the Memorial week end with the Dick Moore family at their cabin on the Platte River There was a group of 12guests so they had a good time Our meeting will be held the coming Tuesday June 10 Please try to attend inal arrangements fob our 50 ye'ar banquet will be made' so if you have any 'sug gestions you must be present Tuesday All who sent their donations In (or the party please try to du so soon Congratulations to Joyce No vak and Bill Leddy who gradu ated from the eighth grade this week Also to George Denman who graduated from high' school Presidents A Cleveland and Wilson were sons of minis ters V': wii ill II hi 1 ii i I BcS ip I A I iPn i Or wrtWwi 1 1 BEmmf Baw 'jlhmm ill wvvwvv I 1 VS I TillsR lUaia fcialEO' 1 S' KKR I Ksgl Iv 5 7 i i i i 8 4 I 1 tflk i 'O 1 fl Kilflr XX 1) Wl flB 1 11 JM Pu 1 1 fff i I 9 flf A 'V AX' 77 aaa fB I St' A 'v a rtC i 1 tf i I i isf 1 i 1 1 IK 1 4 a i A 7 4 A Sr I i A'T Jys SW kf 4 4 4 Ik tb 'l IlBS ri I 1 iMi iiM iriiifiiift £4L 1 Vi 665 975 12e Swtaarf CREAM.

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